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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

Room at the Top is actually shot at the top of the staircase in our studio using the doorway that leads though to the studio ensuite facilities. With careful lighting placement to create streams of light coming through the doorway and subtle shadows cast from the balustrades of the spiral staircase the lighting is beautifully dramatic. The way the light plays on the skin creates gorgeous sexy highlights and shadows which emphasise the curves of the body. We will direct you into poses that will be flattering to both of you. We have props here in the studio like cuffs and a riding crop that you can use to make your photoshoot a little naughty - or feel free to bring along your own props if you have them.

What to wear...

For her: Light coloured lingerie is great, but darker colours do work too. We can do some shots using a white shirt for a more relaxed feel. High heels will help to give a nice shape and elongate the legs. A corset or basque is good if you are self-conscious of your tummy. You can even start this set in a sexy dress with lingerie underneath and undress as the set progresses to do topless and then couples nudes.

For him: Try to co-ordinate underwear colours to match your partner's because this can make your images look stunning. You can start off in a pair of jeans for a casual look or if going for a more formal "after dinner" feel, bring a shirt & trousers or dinner suit and your partner too can wear something to follow this theme. You can then undress as we work through the set and finish off with some nude couple pictures.

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