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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

Room at the Top is actually shot at the top of the staircase in our studio using the doorway that leads though to the studio ensuite facilities. With careful lighting placement to create streams of light coming through the doorway and subtle shadows cast from the balustrades of the spiral staircase this studio set is unique to Mighty Aphrodite.

Wearing a man's white shirt in this set gives a very sexy lifestyle feel - sort of "the morning after". Lingerie also works well under the shirt or on its own, as do nude or implied nude poses.

Colour images have a wonderful warm glow about them but switch to black and white or sepia for a classy artistic feel to your sexy photo shoot.

This is one of our more challenging studio sets as most of the poses are standing up, so there is lots of stomach in, chest out! If you are proud of your shapely legs, this set shows them off to perfection.

Lingerie portraits can be demure and modest with graceful poses and gentle expressions. If you do want some nude shots, we can make them stylish, arty and abstract enough that you'd be proud to put them on your living room wall. No, really...lots of our clients do!

Light or dark colours work equally well and a white shirt is perfect for more coverage. This set works with or without stockings it is down to personal choice. A pair of high-heeled shoes is good for helping to give a nice shape to the legs, but if you want to barefoot to give a more relaxed feel that is fine. You can bring one of your partner’s shirts to personalise the pictures, or we have several in the studio that you can use. If you are bringing your own shirt along bear in mind that plain white works best. Also do try the shirt on at home to see how well it fits. If the shirt is very big it may hide your shape too much. If in doubt, bring it along, but we may end up using one of ours if it is more flattering.