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Decoration Line

Age: 44
Dress Size: 8
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
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In January 2015 I decided, on a bit of a whim, to contact Mighty Aphrodite about having some boudoir photos taken. I was feeling low and fed up with being me. So in July of that year, just after my 44th birthday, I went for my first photo shoot.

As soon as I arrived and Leigh opened the door I knew it was going to be fun and I instantly felt relaxed. Leigh and Zena are so easy to work with (Zena made my make up look glamorous, but it still looked like me) and after the first shots of me in underwear I was happy to take it all off. For the rest of the afternoon I never put anything on again until we’d finished and I got ready to go home. All the faults like my stretchmarks and blemishes are not as awful as I thought and don’t look nearly as bad as I imagined they did in my head.

Wow, what a life affirming experience. Leigh and Zena make the day so special for you and, for the first time in ages, it made me feel alive. Leigh didn’t just photograph me – he showed me how amazing my body really was and my perception of how I thought I looked was totally wrong.

When I showed friends the finished result some were full of admiration and others thought I was a narcissist. Whatever their opinion I know it has given me a renewed confidence in myself and I was excited to return for a Body Glow shoot in February this year to feel that high again. What an amazing day. The pictures are stunning and so different than my previous shoot. It is fun to be covered in body paint/glitter and see the images flash up on the computer.

Everyone, no matter what their shape or age, deserves to feel beautiful and Mighty Aphrodite achieve this a hundred times over with all their clients. I cannot thank them enough for the days I spent with them and how they made me see my true self. I really could do with Leigh’s enthusiastic and kind words when I’m feeling low on body confidence – but then I look at my photos and think “not bad for an old girl”!!!

I’ve realised that at 44 my body is still rocking and I’m really proud of myself. No matter what your age or shape I promise you that once Leigh and Zena have finished with you, working their magic, you will see your body in a totally different way. I haven’t felt this beautiful or empowered since my wedding photos were taken over 19 years ago.

Whatever your motivation for booking a shoot don’t hesitate to do it – you will never regret it. My one bit of advice for anyone going for their first shoot – don’t go with any preconceived ideas about poses, etc, just let Zena and Leigh guide you. They understand body shape and what will make you look good and, once you see the finished result, you’ll feel fantastic. Also, the shot you think will look weird when you are standing there with your butt or boobs stuck out – will turn out to be the shot you absolutely adore! I never thought having my photo taken would change the perception I have of my body so much, but it has and I'd recommend everyone to do it.

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