Three Sexy Boudoir Shoots for Isi

I always say that you should step outside of your comfort zone once in a while because you never know what wonderful things can happen. Isi did just that in 2015 when she came for her first boudoir shoot.

Erotic 50 Shades Photo shoots
Sexy Boudoir Shoots

Isi: “On our first trip I was very nervous, but the nerves so quickly evaporated with the skill and care you two have. We were so impressed that I was treated as an individual – how far I would like to go was down to me – and Leigh always held out a shirt for me to slip into between shots in case being topless/nude was a problem. My make up needed retouching due to my tears of joy. Also we needed Zena’s skill with needle & thread when my suspender clip snapped. Also for allowing me to do another photo set of more daring pictures as my confidence soared. I can’t forget Leigh’s skill as my balance support as I tottered around on those killer heels. Not to be underestimated was the reassuring words of Zena as the day went along.

Isi enjoyed the exhilarating feeling so much that she came back for two further shoots! You can see her full review & pictures from her first shoot here: Isi’s First Boudoir Shoot.

For her second shoot she wanted her husband Phill to be in some of the pictures too, help so we did some couples pictures as well as some more solo shots.

Couples Boudoir
Couples Sensual Portraits

Isi: “For our second visit you combined an individual with a couples shoot so Phill could join me in some of the pictures. Phill had made some suggestions of his own which Leigh adapted with wonderful results. So good they are two huge Aluminium pictures on our bedroom wall. With my body issues gone I enjoyed the shoot even more than the first time and happily posed for the raunchiest shots yet.

Erotic Photo Shoots
Sensual Boudoir Photography

Isi:” Our third visit was for a Body Glow shoot. Such messy fun. Yet again we tested you as I felt faint half way through. So thanks again for the time you allowed me to cool off, have a restorative cuppa, and reapply the paint to finish my day. It still amazes me the boost in confidence you’ve given me. I’ve gone from a shy woman wearing baggy clothes to being thrilled at having nude pictures of me on your website! Never would have predicted that.

BodyGlow Shoots
Body Paint Shoots

UV Paint Photography

UV Portrait Photography
UV Paint Photo Shoots

UV Body Paint Photography
Blacklight Photography

Isi:”Thanks again for a wonderful experience. The Body Glow pictures have taken pride of place in the lounge replacing Phill’s steam train pictures! On all three visits you’ve put me so at ease with your kindness and patience. We wish you all the success in the world, and if using the story of my experience and any of our pictures to further that success we would be delighted.

Love Isi & Phill.

The 5 ImageBooks from our 3 Mighty Aphrodite Shoots

A massive thank you to Phill & Isi for sharing their experiences and pictures. If you are inspired to start your own Boudoir Photography adventure, you can find out more about how our shoots work and see more pictures along with our prices & package information here: Mighty Aphrodite Boudoir Shoots or get in touch on 0118 9835154 or email Zena.