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The Wedding Album you will want to keep just for yourselves - sexy Bridal Boudoir Photography.


On the day you make your most public declaration of love, why not give your loved one the most intimate personal gift that will leave him or her breathless and give you some added sparkle on your Big Day. You spend so long planning every final detail from The Dress to the chair covers that you can forget what getting married is actually about - The Happy Couple and their love for each other. Why not make your Wedding Gift to the one you will be spending the rest of your life with something that you will both treasure for the whole of your married lives. Imagine the fun in secretly planning your Boudoir Bride photoshoot and the excitement of anticipating their reactions to your sexy photos.

Record one of life's milestones with an intimate memento for just the two of you to share. You spend your Wedding Day surrounded by the people you love, sharing your happiness and joy with them all. Giving your album of stylish sexy bridal boudoir portraits creates a perfect private moment on your public occasion.


Every Bride works hard to make sure they look their best for their wedding whether it be toning up so your dress fits perfectly or pampering yourself with salon treatments and hair appointments. Why not treat yourself and capture yourself at a time when you look and feel at your very best, a few weeks before your wedding day, so you can have your album ready to give to as a gift for your Groom or Bride. An added bonus is that posing for your bridal boudoir photos will prepare you perfectly for being more confident and poised in front of the camera on your Wedding Day!

Why not arrange a secret rendezvous in the afternoon in your room so you can give your bridal boudoir photos in person? Or wait until your Wedding Night when you have more time to enjoy the reaction to the best present he or she ever had! No other gift for your Bride or Groom could symbolise what your wedding day is all about more than your sexy bridal portraits just for your new life-partner.


You could opt for a bridal boudoir theme and use your wedding lingerie and veil. Or you could go for traditional boudoir photos where you get the chance to show off your honeymoon lingerie. You could then progress to some nude portraits in the classic Mighty Aphrodite style.

The sets that work best for brides who want to be photographed in a bridal boudoir style in their wedding veil are Sensual Boudoir, At the Window and Glamorous. With At the Window and Sensual Boudoir we can do some beautiful soft romantic sensual images as if you are getting ready on the morning of your wedding. You can then progress to some classic artistic nude or lingerie portraits, including silhouettes to give some variety. With the Glamorous set, if we use a veil it is best done against our damask papered wall. The lighting creates wonderful curves on the body and gives a very sexy bridal boudoir image. You would then get the variety of lingerie or nude shots in the other part of this set using our shiny platform.

Of course with Package One you also have the chance to opt for a completely different look in the second set you choose, such as Satin Sheets or The Boudoir. Brides love these sets because they are great for classic boudoir style lingerie photos and artistic nude portraits. Why not get in touch today to check available dates to make sure we get your Album ready in time for your Big Day. Some brides book their shoot over year in advance to be sure of securing the date of their choice!