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Decoration Line

Name: AJ
Age: EARLY 40'S
Dress Size: 8-10
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

My partner and I had been thinking about buying some sexy, modern and classy artworks for the walls of our home and after looking in a number of local art galleries, we decided that it would be more personal if the images were actually photographs of me.

We've been together over 10 years however we live over 140 miles apart due to family and career commitments, therefore photos are very important to us as we spend most weekdays apart. We found the Mighty Aphrodite website and after monitoring it for a while, we decided that it was exactly the right company for what we were looking for. Classy, great attention to detail and it delivered proven excellent results.

As the date of our shoot approached, I started getting apprehensive but secretly hoped that Leigh could work his magic on me. Being unsure as to what we ought to bring with us, we decided that we would go overkill and bring a lot of lingerie, bikinis and shoes and take advice from the professionals. I'd love to know what Leigh and Zena thought when we arrived with two big bags in tow! Initially it was very odd discussing my lingerie with a man that I had just met but we were quickly put at ease and talked about which items would look the best in which sets. In the end, I could have brought what I actually wore in a decent size handbag!

After agreeing on the outfits, we went up to the studio where the magic artistic hands of Zena went to work on my make-up after which I went to change into some new lingerie, stockings and heels. With a deep breath, I emerged to face the first set and Leigh clearly explained how to pose and that we would go at my pace. I found that Leigh's instructions were easy to follow and he allowed me to stop and look at the great results along the way. He even demonstrated some of the poses for me to follow! We were amazed at how stunning I looked and this gave me a big confidence boost. I became more relaxed, decided to "go with the flow" and pose naked when required. Leigh was always a perfect gentleman, gave me reassurances along the way and I never felt awkward even when I was completely naked.

The results were simply fantastic and it was hard to believe that it was actually me in the photographs. We are now in the difficult stage of choosing which photos we want to have as our artworks and in what format to have them. Sadly we do not have enough wall space to accommodate them all, as we would like.

We had a great afternoon and we're both looking forward to the day when we can hang our art on the walls. Zena and Leigh are the leading experts in their field and we would highly recommend them to anybody; just take the plunge, go for it and be delighted with the results. We're already thinking of when to schedule a return visit! My partner says that it was the best Birthday and Christmas present that he's ever had in his life.

Unfortunately because of my business profile, I'm unable to share my full pictures but believe me, they are simply fabulous.

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