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Decoration Line

Dress Size: 10
Reason For Shoot:
Confidence boost for herself.

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

I have seen many boudoir photos over the years and often wondered what it would be like to have a boudoir shoot. I never felt confident enough to go ahead, often thinking, “Oh, I’d look a mess….I would never look as good as they do…..”. Then I had a few major life changing events happen. My outlook on life changed and I started to be more open to trying new experiences. Now I often say, “Yeah, I’ll give that a go”. Having a Mighty Aphrodite photo shoot was one of my, lets give it a shot, moments and I do not regret it.

I won’t lie, when the door was opened, I wanted to do a runner because I felt very nervous. Reading the reviews by other clients, you’ll see a pattern of people saying how friendly and welcoming Zena and Leigh are. It’s not made up. They truly are both warm and chatty, talking you through exactly what will happen during the shoot, checking that you are comfortable with everything that you are doing and never pressuring you in to anything. Now may be a good time for me to say that Leigh is male (gasp). You really shouldn’t let this fact put you off. He is a true gentleman. He also does some blinding posing when showing you how you should stand, how to have your legs, arms, head, face...

The shoot itself was so much fun. I just went for it and decided to do some of the poses that would make your doctor blush. This was my choice and I never felt like I had to. In fact, I was asked by Leigh if I was sure…… *taking a deep breath* yes I’m sure, lets do it. I’m so glad I did. Although I don’t think that those photos will be used for the family photo album.

Overall, the results are amazing. The lighting, the backgrounds and, oh, I don’t look a mess... I even look... good! In fact, the hardest part of the whole process is whittling the photos down and deciding how to have them displayed.

Would I recommend Mighty Aphrodite? Absolutely! Would I go back again? Too right! And you should go too :-)

Caroline used our The Boudoir & At The Window studio sets for her shoot.

Now it's your turn - give us a call on 01570 421057 or email Zena with any questions or to have a chat about how our sessions work, your hopes and fears and how having a shoot can benefit YOU. :)

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