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See Some Images From My Shoot

I wanted to do a boudoir shoot because I have always admired women who could feel comfortable in their own skin.  To let go of their insecurities and love their bodies.  Now in my late thirties I felt like it was as good a time as any to show myself that I am a strong sexy woman.

I was nervous but excited leading up to the shoot.  It was a reason not to miss my gym classes.  It was only on the actual day that I had the photo shoot that I started to get nervous.

As soon as I walked through the door Leigh and Zena were so inviting and completely put me and my insecurities at ease. We discussed what scenes I wanted and how best to achieve them.  From then I was whisked upstairs for my hair and make up which was incredible.  The transformation was amazing and it gave me the confidence that I needed for the shoot.  Leigh was great at directing me and within no time the shoot was well underway and I felt confident to bare more with every pose.  As Leigh and Zena showed me the images as we worked though the shoot I couldn’t believe that the woman in the photos was me.  Although the shoot was around 2-3 hours it went by in a flash.  Before I knew it we were finished and I felt like a new woman. Zena and Leigh had shown me how beautiful my body was and I suddenly found a new sense of love for my skin.

On the way home after the shoot I couldn’t stop smiling.  I couldn’t believe that I had spent all these years wishing for another body not realising that the body I have was so sexy!  My partner and I couldn’t stop talking about my new found confidence in the shoot.  I was completely fearless and it was the most exhilarating experience. 

I can’t thank Zena and Leigh enough for making me realise I am a strong, confident and most of all sexy woman.  I can’t recommend Mighty Aphrodite enough!

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