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Decoration Line

Name: Grace
Age: 27
Dress Size: 12

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

The reason I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot is because I am getting married to my fiancé - we have been together nearly 12 years so I wanted to get him something special. I looked at a few other companies before deciding to go with Mighty Aphrodite. There were quite a few reasons why I decided to go with this company rather than the others and these reasons are:

1. They only do boudoir shoots, nothing else
2. They have had a lot of experience, I think it’s 14 years.
3. They are a husband and wife team
4. They have loads of great reviews and their pictures look amazing on their website. Also the client stories are really great and insightful.
5. I could have my fiancé or a friend there with me the whole time of my shoot if I wanted to and this was not allowed at the other companies that I looked at.
6. They give you so much advice before your shoot so I knew exactly what to expect and exactly how much things cost so no hidden fees. They are more than happy to talk you through everything before your shoot and they give you so many tips and advice like what to wear on the way to the shoot so you don’t get marks on your skin. They are extremely friendly and helpful and couldn’t do enough for me and my fiancé when we were asking all our questions. They are incredibly thorough in what they tell you so most the things I wanted to know were told to me before I even had to ask!
7. They have a time lapse video of how the photo shoots are done on their website. I found this incredibly helpful as it showed me exactly what to expect and how everything works. I highly recommend watching this as it put me at ease as I knew exactly what to expect.

So after I had booked my shoot which included make up, hair and two studio sets, I got a very detailed list of how everything will be done and what to bring with me and what type of colours and lingerie works best. This was really helpful for me as I’m a worrier and it is so detailed! They have thought of everything! They even let you know that they have a few pairs of shoes and some props to borrow if needed and they let you know that you can bring what you like and if you are not sure on anything then they can help you chose what to wear on the day.

So when I got there we sat down and I was introduced to both the husband and wife team, Zena and Leigh. We sat down and firstly just discussed how all this works. Then I showed them my outfits and shoes (I had a huge holdall full!) that I had bought and they helped me pick the shoes and lingerie that would work best - their advice is great and I just could not chose! Also they let me have two lots of lingerie for one of my sets which was great so I ended up with pictures using three lots of lingerie and then nudes. They are very professional and ask you what sort of pictures you like and if you want to go nude or topless etc and they showed me a few examples of how they are tastefully done. They said that if I wanted to just start with the lingerie and if I decided I wanted to go topless or go further and have a fully nude shoot then I could choose that as we went along as you do get a lot more comfortable as you get into it. Then we went upstairs to get my hair and make up done. This was done by Annie and she asked me what sort of look I wanted and then she executed it perfectly! I was over the moon with how my make up and hair turned out and it didn’t take that long either!

I then got changed into my first lot of lingerie. I was a little nervous at first but they were really encouraging and also Zena helped me do my stocking and suspender belt up for me as it’s very difficult! She was ace at putting those on. I cannot pose at all and I am not great with directions so I was really worried at first, but Leigh tells you exactly what to do and exactly where to look so you really can’t go wrong! They really know their angles, poses and lighting and after the first few pictures were shot I got to have a look at them straightaway as they have a computer next to the set so you can see your images. This was great as I got to see what I looked like and if I didn’t like something or I did like something then I just told them and they then got to know the sort of pictures I liked and wanted.

During the shoot I was getting so many compliments from both Leigh and Zena and they were saying how amazing the shots were looking and they shouted things like “Perfect , stay there, beautiful, amazing” etc. This was all incredibly sincere, and it made me feel amazing! When you get told those things you get more and more comfortable and more and more adventurous, it’s just an amazing feeling. I normally hate all photos of myself, especially nude ones or ones in lingerie. I was so shocked when I saw my pictures after the shoot as I loved all of them!! Also, they were just the raw images so they hadn’t even been edited yet. I am a true size 12 and in my pictures I look like a size 8 - even in the unedited ones!

The photo shoot goes by so quickly as you genuinely have so much fun and you end up with so many pictures. I never thought I would end up with the amount of pictures I got! They are such an amazing team and they really know their stuff. I told them how great they are at their jobs but they said “we can only photograph what’s in front of us”, and I agree to a certain extent but I do not look like that in my own photos which shows how amazingly talented they both are and how good they are with their poses and lighting. They are true artists and I can’t stop showing my pictures to all my friends and family! Which is so weird as they are nude and in lingerie but also as they are so tastefully done, it looks more like art. My fiancé is so happy with the pictures and I am over the moon with them all. I am so self-conscious and for me to like any photo of me is a miracle. I left that day feeling amazing!

I know a lot of people say it gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel great but I honestly never believed that. I was so shocked about how I felt after the shoot - I never would have predicted that I would feel this way. Usually I think I would like to change so much about my body but after this I wouldn’t change a thing!

After the shoot, they showed me the editing and what can be done to the pictures. They give you a choice of how much editing you can have, so they will do it to magazine standard unless you tell them otherwise. So they won’t reshape your body or do anything like that unless you specifically ask. They do explain all this before you leave which is so helpful. It is amazing to see what can be done to your body if you want to have any body shaping done. It really helps you chose what sort of editing you want done to your pictures. We then took home a CD of all my watermarked unedited images so we could chose the images we wanted edited.

After my fiancé and I chose the pictures we wanted edited (as we got 10 with our package), it took about two maybe three weeks to get the edited pictures back. I think this is extremely quick and I am going to get more edited soon as I have over 200 pictures to chose from! They took so many it was so worth the money.

So I highly, highly recommend this company for any boudoir shoots as they are such an amazing team who make you feel incredibly comfortable and incredibly beautiful! They are such lovely people and so down to earth. They do everything they can to help you and to make you feel at home it’s such a lovely environment and not something I expected from this sort of thing. They really listen to your worries as well and help you find your inner goddess! They are incredibly detailed in all they do and do everything in such a professional manner yet they also feel like friends when you are there.  Nothing could have been done any better and I cannot wait to go back to another shoot in my wedding lingerie and veil!

Good luck with your shoot! This company is the best I have ever come across and you will leave with the most amazing set of pictures and the most amazing feeling of self worth!

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