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Decoration Line

Name: JANE
Age: 57
Dress Size: 14
Reason For Shoot:
Confidence boost for herself and a gift for her husband

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

Having been sat in the wings so to speak for about 4 years, I finally decided to take the plunge and booked my shoot. I had always come up with a reason why I couldn’t – I hate having my photo taken (even fully clothed and from a distance!) I am too old, too fat, I won’t look as good as all the other lovely ladies whose pictures I used to enviously look at, I will be the only person who takes a dodgy photo, I will feel stupid, I will look stupid, I’ll be too nervous, what if I need a wee or god forbid I have wind!, I’ll do it when I have lost some weight – it just went on and on and on! I had read other ladies reviews saying there was no need to be nervous but your own fear of the unknown still fills you with a certain amount of dread no matter how hard you try to overcome it.

Finally I gave myself a good talking to, I am not the most confident person but once I have made my mind up about something then I do it. The time had come to bite the bullet and book it, I wasn’t going to suddenly become someone else over night, I was me, I was doing it for me (and for my husband) and it was something I had always, always wanted to do. I had tried on several occasions to take my own ‘boudoir’ photos but it’s not that easy trying to take a picture of your own bum with a mobile phone and invariably photos I took of me in the bedroom had either an unmade bed in them or the cat’s puzzled looking face!

Leading up to the shoot I had my hair done, had a manicure and a pedicure (another first), shaved until there was nothing left to shave, and bought lots of lovely knickers. The nerves on the day of the shoot were overwhelming but once we had been welcomed in by Leigh and Zena, had a nice strong cup of tea and a chat I felt more at ease as they were just a lovely, normal couple.

Trust me when I say it was a FABULOUS experience, yours will be different but ultimately it will also be fabulous. Both Leigh and Zena were the ultimate professionals, kind, caring, thoughtful, and at every stage we were shown the photographs and consulted (Hubby sat in the corner for moral support and also because I knew he would enjoy it). My biggest worry of not liking myself in any of the photos was well and truly blown out of the water (I don’t even like my Wedding Photos!) and made me quite teary as I looked at myself through the eyes of someone else.

Do it – you won’t regret it, it was enjoyable, it was a laugh, it was a workout (didn’t realise I could stretch or stick my bum out that far!) and at the end of it you get a gorgeous, gorgeous album full of amazing pictures to remind you that everyone is beautiful in their own way Xx

Jane used our Darkest Desires & Glamorous studio sets for her shoot.

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