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Decoration Line

Age: 21
Dress Size: 10
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
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The event that actually persuaded me to book a photoshoot was my upcoming wedding, as a present for my groom, but it was something that had always interested me. I've done a few photo shoots in non boudoir style and the photographers always said I was great in front of the camera and I really enjoyed it - this was just a much sexier, more daring version of it!

To combat my experiences with depression and anxiety I went on a bit of an 'embrace life bender' as I would call it and this was just one of the many things that I wanted to do which I finally thought 'why not' about.

On the day of the shoot I was very nervous, tired and a bit bloated! I had travelled down on the plane that day and am a nervous flyer as it is. I then got a train, then a taxi and turned up feeling a bit surreal as to what I was about to do.

It was a relaxing experience from the offset though and nothing was too much bother. I don't really know how I expected it to go - I guess it was easier than I thought it would be. I was more confident than I thought I would be and it was fun - I thought it would just be concentrating on not looking awful but it was a lovely experience.

After the shoot I felt empowered! Any experience we can find in this world where we view our bodies as things to be marvelled rather than torn down is a worthwhile one and I definitely felt empowered, strong and proud of myself after the shoot. I had been struggling with an eating disorder and it was actually just cropping up around the time of the shoot again, so it was perfect timing.

I have shown a few people - my mum, friends and of course my husband. They were all impressed, the best reaction was my husband's; he was even more impressed than I thought he'd be. He said I imagine some guys would have been uncomfortable that someone else saw their partner naked, however I didn't feel like that and I was very surprised! I thought she looked stunning in the photos and it made me feel even more attracted to her, not that I wasn't already!

My advice is do it and go all the way! Push yourself to get past any hang ups and nerves, you will regret if you don't and there's no judgement at all whilst you do it, it's a very supportive environment to be in and might actually make you see your body in a better way.

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