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See Some Images From My Shoot

I had been considering having some boudoir photos done for a while - just for myself being 47 and feeling in the best place in my life right now. It seemed like a now or never thing.

I had looked at quite a few different studios but I didn’t feel any of them were quite right. I eventually came across Mighty Aphrodite and realised I had found the studio that would be right for me. I originally hadn’t even thought about going completely naked but the photos looked stunning on the website so I thought I would give it a go.

I had my shoot early January and myself and my husband combined it with a stay in Red Kite Cottage, as we had travelled quite a way to get to Wales, and the cottage is wonderful.
Although I was very excited about having the photos taken I have to be honest and say I was slightly nervous when I realised the photographer was male but I definitely had nothing to be nervous about as Leigh was fantastic and both Leigh and Zena (and Ziggy the Dog) made me feel totally at ease.

I got fantastic directions on how to pose and I very soon had no issues in getting naked and having photos done that I originally had ruled out.  I was shown the photos throughout and that helped boost my confidence and helped me relax even more.

If anyone is considering having photos done then I would say don’t hesitate, I had the best day. I had my makeup done too and Ness was lovely and did a great job.  I absolutely  love my photos and struggled to pick 18 out of 240 ( I ended up with 22!)

Anyone I have shown the photos to is amazed and so complimentary at how artistic they look.  The whole process was easy, stress-free and just amazing. I can't thank Leigh and Zena enough and can say I will be definitely be back for more. My husband has even said he may want some couples photos done.

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