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This was our second time visiting Zena & Leigh, but the first time for us at the Wales studio. We chose to combine the shoot with a stay in Woodpecker Cottage, which they also own, for 3 nights which was perfect in terms of getting to the photoshoot easily but also for the surrounding places to visit. I’d highly recommend combining a stay with your shoot if you’re in two minds.

This second shoot I’d arranged for my husband’s 50th birthday present (we both turned 50 this year). The first time I did the shoot (3 years prior) was due to James ‘begging’ me and I was glad he did as the results from that shoot were amazing. Once I’d done it, I said it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, but I let slip that it was actually an enjoyable one, which was a big mistake as James suggested another!

The decision to go ahead with a second shoot was in no small part down to how Zena & Leigh put you so totally at ease both before and during the shoot. Their approach surprisingly led me to feel that taking my clothes off in a photo studio was the most natural thing in the world - yes that is possible! This, combined with the passion for what they do and the respect for their clients (Leigh works at your pace and whatever level you’re comfortable with, checking every step of the way) makes them perfect for this profession. I’d say if you are thinking about a shoot, speak to Zena and I’m sure after having a chat, you’ll want to book a date.

I approached this shoot with much more confidence than the first time. Previously in between the shots, I’d slip something over me, this time, by the end of the shoot, I was stood around naked without really considering it. Each shoot has given me more confidence in the way I see myself as I, like most people, am always self-critical about parts of my body. It is not until you see pictures of yourself, taken professionally, that you realise you look far better than your own perception. James is now planning for a third shoot although that’s yet to be agreed 😊. What is definitely planned is another visit to Zena & Leigh’s lovely cottages though.
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