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Decoration Line

Name: MISS B
Age: 45
Dress Size: 14-16
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

This was my 2nd shoot with Zena and Leigh, this time round I wanted to embrace my naughty side as well as my nice side!

My first shoot was back in 2012 and was a self esteem boost wanting to feel good about myself and my body again after coming out of a long marriage. A few years on and some tough times, I finally met someone who made me feel special and brought out my playful side again - this shoot was for me but also for him as a thank you. It was also my Birthday on the day of the shoot so was a Happy Birthday to me!

Being my 2nd shoot I was less nervous than the first time round, I was excited about the shoot and the different sets I had chosen. Having said that I was worried how I would look (being slightly larger in places) in the sets I had chosen. The shoot was exactly what I expected and both Zena and Leigh managed to put me at ease through the whole session.

I think the hardest thing was trying to look sexy whilst posing for each shot, but on the day there were lots of laughs and my worries disappeared and I embraced the whole shoot. To be honest I was ecstatic after the shoot, I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day and a skip in my step. It really is amazing what a difference a few hours photo shoot can do to your confidence, it certainly showed.

The reaction to my first shoot pictures were amazing and from this shoot I have only shown one of my naughty pictures, I love it as it really does show my playful side and the reaction has been very positive.

It is one of the best things I have done and the end results are beautiful. Go with an open mind and you will be amazed at how comfortable you will feel in your own body. My advice is don't think about it...Do it!!

Throughout this journey they made me feel alive and extremely sexy while staying professional at all times.

We have just received the finished albums and cannot believe how fantastic all the photos look and are already planning another shoot!!"

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