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Decoration Line

Name: MRS C
Reason For Shoot:
Present From My Husband

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

My husband gave me a voucher for a Mighty Aphrodite shoot at Christmas three-years ago. I was a little surprised to say the least and I think he thought that I would never get round to organising a trip to the studio!

However after a look at the website and a quick call to Zena I booked myself in a few weeks later. I was certainly nervous on the drive down, but on arrival Zena and Leigh soon put me at ease. The set up was very professional and I really enjoyed the slow lead into the shoot with make up and then choosing my best lingerie with Zena.

I chose three sets - Voyeurism, Room at the Top and Artistic Nude. I never imagined that I would end up completely naked, but it seemed very natural and there was no pressure to take anything off at all.

Two years later I decided to go back for a second shoot for my husband’s birthday, it was certainly easier second time around and I was definitely up for some slightly more risky images, to be honest the little lingerie I took with me did not last long and I was naked for most of the day.

The experience overall has been very liberating, I am more confident in my body now and much happier to show it off. I have invested in a number of new bikinis for holidays and have no qualms about going topless on the beach, in fact I quite enjoy it.

Overall I cannot recommend Mighty Aphrodite, Leigh and Zena enough, if they come up with a few new sets I may be back for more?

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