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Decoration Line

Age: 34
Dress Size: 12-14

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot
mrsc.jpg What was your reason for doing a shoot?

My husband had mentioned that he thought I would look good in a photoshoot however I always doubted this as my confidence levels are not high. When we saw a special offer for one set with Mighty Aphrodite, he convinced me to be brave and give it a go. It seemed to be a no brainer as if I didn’t like it or was not comfortable, we could mark it up as an experience. I wasn’t expecting to look so amazing, even before any touchups were done and I walked away from the first shoot thinking I wanted to do some of the other sets.

How long did it take you to get around to booking from when you first had the idea to do the shoot?

We booked the special as soon as we saw it, mostly so that I couldn’t overthink it and was committed. It was exciting to then countdown to the big day and have all that nervous energy.

How did you feel before the shoot?

I was so nervous before the shoot but excited at the same time. Zena and Leigh put me immediately at ease during the first shoot and I felt comfortable in front of the camera. One of the bits of advice Zena and Leigh give is to eat before you go - due to my nerves I didn’t really feel like eating but I’m glad I did as the poses are quite a workout and you do need something lining the stomach to keep your stamina up! I was nervous about how I would look in the photos and how much I was willing to bare. Luckily all those worries went out the window and I was thrilled with how everything turned out. I will say the nerves were absolutely gone at the second shoot I did and I love those photos even more.

Any comments about hair & make up?

Catherine listened to my ideas for hair & make up and worked with that. My first shoot I wanted a natural look as I was nervous and didn’t want to be all glammed up and out of my comfort zone. I loved how my hair was done and the finished look on both of my shoots. Catherine is very talented and will help you create the look you want!

Were any aspects of the shoot easier or harder than you expected?

Making the choice to take my underwear off was easier than I expected. I felt so at ease that between sets and looking at photos I was happy to just stand about naked and not bat an eyelid, which I never would have thought beforehand! Also the way Leigh showed me the photos as we went along to make sure I was happy with the shots made it a lot easier to understand where the shots would go next.

How did you feel after the shoot?

After both shoots I felt amazing - you are on such a high from seeing all the shots that you have created, its crazy to think that it is actually you in them! It was great to sit down afterwards and have Leigh show us how he softens the pictures and can take out any imperfections if required. Although he can alter the images to make you look skinnier, I actually don’t think they needed it at all as the lighting does great things!

How was your second shoot different from the first one?

Familiarity - because I knew what to expect it made it a lot easier to carry off the poses with confidence. I was far braver in the second shoot as I trusted Leigh’s skills and professionalism even though some of his jokes made me laugh just before trying to pull a sensual face. First time round we got the digital files which were great. This time we decided to go for the album, which for us will give a great lasting memory of the day - plus I can look back when I’m 90 and think “yeah I looked pretty good!”

If you have shown anyone else your pictures what was their reaction?

I’ve shown a couple of people some of the photos from the shoots. Their reactions have been really positive and all of them said they couldn’t be as brave to do the same thing, however I’ve told them that with a great team like Leigh and Zena their photos would look just as amazing. My husband thinks he is the luckiest husband in the world to have a wife that looks so hot!

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering having a shoot?

Having read other client stories before booking with Mighty Aphrodite, we can honestly say that all the reviews and feedback about Leigh and Zena is absolutely justified. They are the best at what they do. They have been in the business long enough to know exactly how to put even the most nervous person at ease. Talk to them about what your ideas for the shoot would be, go in with an open mind. Its their job to make you look great. With the best sets and lighting they will definitely have you leave with photos - and more importantly an experience - you will be proud of.

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