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Decoration Line

Age: 44
Dress Size: 10
Reason For Shoot:
To get my self-confidence back

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

This was always something I wanted to do in my younger years when I was toned, naturally blonde and athletically slim. Time flew by and before I knew it I was in my mid forties, working hard to stay slim and visiting the hair salon fairly often! After undergoing major surgery, a marriage breakdown and a bout of depression I lost confidence in myself and the way I looked.

It wasn't until someone said to me 'look at yourself through someone else's eyes, instead of your own and see what I see' that I decided to try and find a way to do just that.

Living way down in the South West, there are a few studios within 100 miles who promised me that they could cover up or erase my scars but to me that seemed to defeat the object. Chatting to Zena on the phone, she completely understood my need to see myself as I am and therefore I decided to travel the extra mile (or 600+) to achieve a return of self-confidence. And boy, did they do just that!

From the outset they were warm, welcoming, friendly and put me completely at ease. I knew I was going to do nude, that was after all the purpose of my shoot although I was still apprehensive when the time came to take off what little lingerie I was wearing. To be honest I could have been stood there dressed in a onesie, nobody batted an eyelid to the fact I was wearing only shoes and within a few minutes I was comfortable enough to totter around the studio in just the shoes!

The shoot was very professional, Leigh advising on poses and guiding me on facial expressions and Zena's encouraging words from the distance! Some of the pictures I had done were very intimate shots but my space was never violated and I was amazed at just how intimate they were. We chatted after about the photos, and I left with my disc to select the images for my album, be warned here, you will want so many more than you think. I added a few extra, again I was astounded to get the edits back within a couple of days and my album well on the way to becoming a tangible reminder of the day I started to see a different me through my own eyes!

So if any of you ladies out there need to start liking and loving yourself again, this is the way to do it and these two people are definitely the right choice to help you. Worth every mile travelled, every penny spent and every moment with them.
Leigh and Zena, I thank you so very much x

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