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Decoration Line

Dress Size: 10
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
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I had lost a lot of weight and wanted to celebrate the achievement. I'd toyed with the idea of a risqu� photo shoot for a while but didn't really have the nerve to look into it, until my husband surprised me with the gift idea for my birthday. Of course I also had to insist on new shoes and new lingerie for the shoot ;-)

In the weeks before the shoot I felt quite nervous. I wasn't sure how much of me I wanted to reveal. However, during the shoot I became very comfortable very quickly, surprising myself and especially my husband.

Leigh and Zena were wonderful. They made us feel at home and helped my husband and I to feel very much at ease.

I loved the pictures. I couldn't decide upon 18 for the album so we had to order extra pages. I never imagined I'd be able to show such revealing pictures of me to others but felt so proud of them I was more than happy to. And everyone that has seen them has been very impressed! Since then, we've also bought framed pictures to hang in the bedroom. I love looking at them each day and they've inspired me to keep the weight off for the year since the shoot.

Stephanie's Husband Kevin said:

Stephanie had expressed an interest in a risque photo shoot and I wasn't about to let her pass up the opportunity. We had a wonderful day with Leigh and Zena. I was able to watch the photos appear on the monitor as Leigh snapped away and remember being amazed at how stunning they were. I couldn't believe this was my wife appearing on the screen! Now that we have them presented in an album and framed on our bedroom wall they look even better!

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