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Decoration Line

Age: 55
Dress Size: 14
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

In the 28 years I have been with my husband he has always wanted to have a photograph of me. He tried to take pictures but I mess them up with funny faces and odd body postures which anyone could interpret as a lack of confidence or just that I'm camera shy. We don't even have any wedding photos!

So for his 50th birthday I promised I would have my picture taken professionally. I was thinking a standard portrait photo, so imagine what I went through when he told me he had booked with Mighty Aphrodite! I was 55 years old and while nice people might describe me as curvy, that would be leaving out all the saggy and crinkly bits! So I was breathless and sick with nerves.

Before the shoot Zena and Leigh provide you with all advice and details you need for the shoot in a clear and comprehensive manner, so I just had to concentrate on conquering my own nerves. Also I spoke with them several times and always had quick responses to my emails. (Buying nice underwear and my first pair of stiletto heels was great fun too).

When I arrived Zena and Leigh were relaxed, warm natured and kind - it only took them a few minutes to make me feel comfortable and calm. I usually don't wear much makeup but even that was made easy by Zena who gave me a natural looking makeup.

They show you the first few shots immediately and you see how Leigh has a "magic" lens because I was absolutely amazed as to how he could make me look good in the photos.

After the shoot I felt like I had just successfully abseiled or skydived or something equally brave and fearless. I felt much taller than my 5' 3" and all these months later I still do. I also have had normal family and friends photos without messing them up, I just smile naturally and feel easy in front of the camera.

Only my husband and I have shared these photos - I did it for him and he loves them. It was an unexpected bonus to have a boost to my self-esteem from the whole experience.

So if you are having doubts, I think we should all put the experience of "you too can look good naked" on our Bucket List so just do it!

It's changed the way I look at myself in a completely positive way. On receiving the first draft of the photos I was working away from home and my husband sent me this email:

"Stunning, amazing, incredible. I completely love them, all the different styles. You look fantastic. Still can hardly believe you really went for it. SO pleased and utterly overwhelmed. I want to give them all my money and build more walls for hanging! I couldn't be a luckier guy."

I also had him choose the photos which needed the least "touching up" it made me feel very good that they were all me.

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