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Decoration Line

Age: 34 & 36
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

We had chatted long and hard about doing some pictures and finally booked the shoot and felt great, and we weren't nervous at all until we were in the hotel room the night before and it all started feeling very real. But the apprehension soon subsided when we focused on knowing the end result would be great.

Overall the shoot actually exceeded expectations but we think that being made aware that the studio is actually in Leigh & Zena's home would have lessened concerns on arrival. Once inside these concerns disappear as the studio and set up is very professional and we were made to feel relaxed and at ease immediately. Obviously there were initial apprehensions over taking our clothes off in front of strangers but because of Leigh and Zena's professionalism and relaxed attitude, this soon faded and we never had to do anything we were not comfortable with. When we were "exposed" neither of us ever felt like we were being watched or judged and I in particular commend Zena for always looking away and focusing on the computer screen or pictures rather than my bits hanging out! Also Leigh gives off the professional photographer facade so you know immediately he has seen it all before and only wants to get the best shot possible.

After the shoot we felt liberated and buzzing and most of all chuffed and proud with ourselves for making the most of the opportunity and also excited to see the end results. What was great was we were not ushered out but welcomed to flick through all images and pick a favourite where Leigh then showed us what can be done using photoshop if you have any body concerns or worries which was a lovely wind-down after quite an intense experience.

With all things like this we feel there are some people you can share these images with who would appreciate them and there will always be those that judge or don't understand but for us they are important as something we always wanted to do. We are pleased we had the opportunity and the courage to get them done. Not ashamed of any of the pictures and because we are so happy with the end results we are now considering what else we might like to do in the future as a couple.

Our advice for anyone thinking of booking a shoot is if you are not looking to push the boundaries or unsure if you want nude shots then maybe consider a "normal" mainstream studio otherwise you will be wasting a great opportunity as Leigh and Zena do what they do so well. But if you want their style of shots and are nervous or have any concerns then please be assured that you will only do what your comfortable with and that Leigh and Zena will be able to get the very best out of you on the day.

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