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Decoration Line

Age: 34
Dress Size: 14
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

I can't quite believe I'm writing this, I have actually taken all my clothes off in front of strangers and been photographed!

I'm 34, a size 14, have two kids and I am very self conscious of my body (especially stretch marks! ) I hate having my picture taken normally but I'm so glad I bit the bullet and went for it. I love my pictures!

Leigh and Zena made it feel like the most natural thing in the world and I can't thank and praise them enough. If anyone has even the smallest desire to have a boudoir shoot then please go for it, you won't regret it.

Mighty Aphrodite are friendly, accommodating, professional and very reasonably priced for the work that they do. My husband loves the photos and so does my best friend, who also wants to do a shoot now!

My husband and I really liked the fact that we got to take a disc home and choose our prints at our leisure. The pictures are classy and tasteful and it helps your confidence immediately when you can see the photos as the shoot progresses. I would love to do another shoot in the near future and my self-confidence has soared.

Thank you Leigh and Zena!

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