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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

The beautiful soft lighting is the main element of this set which is perfect for sensual boudoir portraits. The window light gives a real daylight effect and the images have a soft sensual atmosphere. The way the light plays on the skin creates gorgeous highlights and shadows which emphasise the curves of the body.

Wearing elegant lingerie will give the images a gentle romantic feel, while wearing a simple man's white shirt instantly evokes a more relaxed morning after effect. Nude portraits become instant works of art as the light from the window makes the skin glow.

Lighter coloured lingerie works best and a man’s white shirt is great for this set. You can bring one of your partner’s or use one of ours. Stockings are optional – it depends what kind of a feel you want your images to have. Shoes are very useful for the standing shots as they help to give a nice shape to the legs. If you don’t have any suitable high heels we have several pairs here ranging from a size 5 to a 6.5. If you are bringing your own shirt along bear in mind that plain white works best. Also do try the shirt on at home to see how well it fits. If the shirt is very big it may hide your shape too much. If in doubt, bring it along, but we may end up using one of ours if it is a more flattering fit.

The pole is another option for sexy poses or a more artistic edge with the body being almost in silhouette. If you are a bride, this set also works well for Bridal Boudoir Portraits - whether with your bridal lingerie or just your veil and garter. Don't worry if it's not a sunny day when you come for your boudoir shoot! The window light is created with studio flash...so we don't need to rely on what the weather is doing here in Reading!