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So you have decided that Mighty Aphrodite are the Boudoir Photographers for you - what happens next? We just need a £100 deposit to book a date in the diary. It is easiest to book by telephone - you can contact us on 0118 983 5154 and pay your deposit using your credit or debit card. We can then also have a chat and answer any questions you may have and offer advice on choosing the sets for your shoot. If it's not convenient to call or you are feeling shy, you can also book online here and we can do everything by email.


Once you have booked an appointment, we will email you lots of advice and hints and tips to help you prepare for your shoot. This will also have advice to help you to choose which studio sets you want to use for your shoot. You need to let us know your choice of the sets you want to be photographed in before the day of your shoot so that we can have the studio prepared before you arrive.


On the day of your shoot, when you arrive at our studio near Reading in Berkshire , we will have a cup of tea and a chat about what we will be shooting and go through the lingerie you have brought to decide what you will be wearing (if anything!) in each set. We will discuss with you at this point what level of nudity you think you would like to work to so we have an idea of the style of images you are looking for. Most people at this stage are unsure whether they are confident enough to go nude in the studio, so we always say start off in some lingerie and see how you feel once the shoot is underway.

Next (if it is included with your package) you will have your hair & make up done, which gives you a chance to relax and be pampered. Packages One, Two and Three include full professional hair styling and make up (including lashes if required). Catherine will chat with you about the style you want - you can be natural or glamorous - it is your choice.


When hair & make up is finished, you get changed into your first set of lingerie (we have a changing room attached to the studio, so you have complete privacy to get ready). We always start off with the easiest set first to give you time to settle in. We direct you all the way through the shoot – you do not have to come up with any poses yourself – we find the best angles and poses to suit your body shape and will tell you exactly what to do with your arms, legs and even facial expressions. It really is very easy and fun, although there is lots of stretching and holding poses, so you will feel like you have had a mini-workout by the end of the shoot. We always work at your pace and will give you the opportunity to take things off and put things back on at various points during the shoot and we will check with you all the way through that you are comfortable with what we are doing.


As we are shooting, the images are transferred wirelessly to a computer in the studio, so we can see the images immediately. This also means that you can see the images periodically as we go and this helps to build your confidence – if you didn't get to see the pictures during the shoot you may be worried about how you are looking. By letting you see the pictures straight away you get so much more out of the shoot and you will relax much more quickly because you know you are happy with what we are shooting. It also helps us to know that we are giving you images you are happy with and allows you to give us feedback about your likes and dislikes as we progress through the shoot. The images you see in the studio are the same files that you will take away with you on the day - they are the unedited files and you get to say how much or how little retouching is performed on your photographs - we don't feel that it is right for the photographer to decide that for you.


At the end of your shoot we will pick out one of your images and show you the retouching techniques we use to "finish" your pictures. The amount of retouching we perform on your pictures is up to you – we show you what can be done and we work with you to determine the extent of the editing you want us to perform. Everyone's take on the editing process is different, but most people want the images to be natural with just a bit of "polishing" to get them looking perfect. Spots, stretch marks and cellulite will all disappear and we always take care of any lumps and bumps caused by lingerie. We can do body-reshaping, but this is your choice - we won't do it without you asking us to - that would be rude!


We then put all the images from your shoot onto a CD for you to take away with you (you can have your files on a USB stick if you prefer - either bring one of your own or you can buy one of our gorgeous gift-boxed branded sticks for £25). You will have between 70 – 100 images from each studio set. These are proof images so you can view them on your computer at home to make your choice of the images you want to order from your shoot.


You can then go through the images in your own time at home and send us your list of the pictures you want to order. It's best to send us your list by email with any editing instructions. We then retouch those images to your specifications and email you edited proof files so you can see them and approve them before we produce any prints, albums or books for you. We let you see three versions of each of your chosen pictures – we do a colour, a black and white and a sepia version of each of them, and you choose which you like best if you are having a printed version of your pictures. If you are just having digital files, you get all 3 versions. If you are having prints, an album or book, when it is ready, you can arrange a time to come and pick it up, or we can ship it out to you by FedEx next day delivery (postage is charged at cost price).


We recommend having your shoot at least four weeks before the date you require pictures to be ready (ideally 6 weeks if having an ArtBook or an ImageBook) although we can sometimes turn things around faster when required. As we are frequently fully booked several weeks in advance, don't delay in contacting us to be sure of securing an appointment to avoid disappointment!

Contact us by calling 0118 983 5154 or email Zena.