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We understand that the idea of a Mighty Aphrodite Erotic or Boudoir Photo shoot may be quite a daunting prospect and you will probably have many questions to ask before you book. We have compiled a list below of our most frequently asked questions in the hope that most of your queries will be covered here. If you need to know anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be very happy to help.

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Q. Do you "airbrush" the photographs? Q. Do you "airbrush" the photographs?

We will perform as much or as little retouching to your chosen images as you want us to. We will demonstrate the techniques we use at the end of your photo shoot on one of your images so you can see we can do. Spots, stretch marks, cellulite and scars can all disappear like magic...and wave goodbye to those muffin-tops forever. We like to keep the images looking as natural as possible, but it is down to you alone how much editing is performed. The vast majority of our clients want far less retouching performed on their images than they expected. We find that giving you control of the editing process makes you appreciate your images more as you know that you have not had major body resculpting done and that the images reflect the way you really look. You can see how we perform some of our airbrushing techniques in our demonstration videos. Boudoir Videos

Q. How will I know how to pose? Q. How will I know how to pose?

We will direct you all the way through the shoot - what to do with your arms, legs, head and even facial expressions so don't worry if you have never done anything like this before. It is really easy and fun with lots of stretching and back-arching involved! It is a bit like a mini workout, so can be quite tiring - make sure you don't turn up for your shoot on an empty stomach! If you have any mobility problems, it is worth mentioning it to us when you book so we can advise you which studio sets will be easiest for you. Here is a link to a behind the scenes video of one of our boudoir shoots in progress to give you an idea of what to expect. Boudoir shoot video

Q. Some of your pictures are quite erotic - do I have to be so raunchy? Q. Some of your pictures are quite erotic - do I have to be so raunchy?

The level of nudity and raunchiness you work to is your decision. We aim to show a wide variety of styles in our galleries and everyone has a different take on what is sexy. To some it is all in the suggestion and they want to tease rather than reveal. Others want to create more erotic images and be more daring. We work at both ends of the spectrum and if you want to keep your lingerie on right through the shoot, that is fine. We never push clients to take anything off - we always say wait and see how comfortable you feel when you are in the studio and you will have the opportunity to bare as much as you dare, or cover up as much as you like! Most of our galleries can be done in a "naughty" or "nice" way, depending on the level of raunchiness you want. Whichever sets you choose, we always suggest you start off the shoot wearing some lingerie to help you to settle in. You can then decide whether you are happy to go topless and eventually nude. We work at your pace!

Q. I haven't got a model-like figure...will you be able to make me look sexy? Q. I haven't got a model-like figure...will you be able to make me look sexy?

Our clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages. We have photographed women from age 18 to 67 and size 6 to size 20. Our job is to advise you of the most flattering sets to be photographed in and to pose and light you in the best way for your individual body shape, so we accentuate your best bits and disguise the bits you're not so keen on. We can also perform airbrushing and retouching on your images to get rid of any lumps and bumps, but to be honest we are not big fans of major body resculpting - we prefer to give you good images to start with and not rely on heavy editing to make your shape conform to what society tells us is sexy. Many clients book their shoot a couple of months in advance to give themselves time to lose a little weight or to tone up a bit by exercising more. Knowing that you are going to be photographed in just your undies is a fantastic incentive to start eating healthily and to add a bit of exercise into your day!

Q. How many changes of outfit do I need? Q. How many changes of outfit can I fit in?

You don't need lots of lingerie if you are on a tight budget. We generally advise one set of lingerie for each studio set you are being photographed in but you can use the same lingerie throughout the shoot if you prefer. We have white shirts here that you can borrow to give a bit of variety to your shots and also high heels in sizes 5 and 6 if you don't have any. It also depends which studio sets you choose - if you choose the Artistic Nude set, you may decide to do the whole set nude so you would not need anything (although you can start the set in lingerie to help you feel more comfortable if you wish). In each set you will get the chance to do topless & nude shots and if you decide not to go nude, then we may suggest a change of lingerie instead so feel free to bring extra sets if you want more variety. We would not advise more than 2 outfits per studio set as you will end up spending more time in the changing room and less time in front of the camera.

Q. Do you work evenings and weekends? Q. Do you work evenings and weekends?

Unfortunately we do not work evenings or weekends due to family commitments. Mighty Aphrodite is our full-time job, so we are able to offer morning and afternoon shoots on all weekdays. Our studio hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm. All shoots and album collections are scheduled to take place during these hours.

Q. Can I bring someone with me? Q. Can I bring someone with me?

You are more than welcome to bring along a friend or partner for moral support, but we do ask that you do not bring more than one person along with you due to space restrictions and because it can make the shoot more difficult for you (and us) if you have an entourage of extra people to worry about. We like a calm relaxed atmosphere as that will help you to banish any nerves and feel comfortable more quickly. You have the option of whether the person you bring is in the studio during your shoot, or whether they wait downstairs in the office. If you do have your friend or partner in the studio while we are shooting, we just ask that they remain unobtrusive and quiet while we are working. The shoot is all about YOU and we do not allow anyone else to dictate the direction the shoot takes. That is totally your decision.

Q. I'm having a pregnancy shoot; can I bring my other child along to have some photos with my bump? Q. I'm having a pregnancy shoot; can I bring my other child along to have some photos with my bump?

Sorry, we do not photograph anyone under the age of 18.

Q. I'm having trouble sorting out childcare; can I bring my child with me to the shoot? Q. I'm having trouble sorting out childcare; can I bring my child with me to the shoot?

We have to have a blanket rule and say that children are not allowed at the Mighty Aphrodite studio for several reasons. Because of the nature of our business, our office and studio are not "child-friendly" environments. Also, having a child on the premises, even if it is being supervised by someone else, will be distracting to you during the shoot. You need to be able to relax and have fun during your shoot to get the most out of the experience. If you do need to bring your child with you please bring along a responsible adult to take them elsewhere and supervise them for the duration of your appointment.

Q. Do you do hair and make up? Q. Do you do hair and make up?

Packages One, Two and Three include full professional make up and hair styling in the price of your shoot. If you would prefer to do your own hair & make up then you can deduct £50 from the package price. Zena can offer advice and touch up what you have done before we start shooting if necessary.  The Limited Edition shoot does not include make up and you need to arrive with your make up already applied. You will have time before we start shooting to touch it up.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book? Q. How far in advance do I need to book?

If you are giving the photos as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or Anniversary, or as a Wedding Present for your Husband-to-be, then we need to have enough time to meet your deadline. For Digi and Album packages, you need to have your session ideally no later than 4 weeks before your deadline. This will give you plenty of time to choose your images and for us to edit the images and get your files or prints ready. For ArtBook & ImageBook packages, you need to have your shoot ideally 6 weeks before your deadline. We can occasionally squeeze in the odd session at very short notice and there is always the option of giving your partner the CD with your proof images instead of the finished album - that way, he gets to choose the images himself! Obviously the more time we have the better. Please also bear in mind that we are frequently fully booked 4-6 weeks in advance, especially in the months leading up to Christmas so please contact us at the earliest opportunity to be sure of having the widest choice of dates.

Q. Who will be in the studio during the shoot? Q. Who will be in the studio during the shoot?

The only people present in the studio during your shoot will be Leigh who is our photographer and Zena who is studio assistant. Zena is there throughout the whole shoot to act as lingerie technician to help with things like suspenders and bra straps and to show you your pictures periodically throughout the shoot :o) Our stylist Catherine will do your hair & make up before the shoot (if it is included with your package), but she will not be present when we are shooting. You can bring a friend or your partner with you and they can also be in the studio if you are comfortable with this. If you prefer, they can wait downstairs in our office area, but you can call them up to the studio at any point during the shoot. We do ask that you only bring one person with you to your photo shoot due to space restrictions.

Q. Where do I get changed? Q. Where do I get changed?

Don't worry, you don't have to strip off in front of us! You have your own changing room for the duration of the shoot. There is a toilet, a sink, a mirror and even a shower in there (useful for afterwards if you do the baby oil shots!).

Q. What sort of outfits should I bring? Q. What sort of outfits should I bring?

That will depend on the studio sets you choose to be photographed in. Once you have booked a date for your shoot, we will send you advice on what works best in each studio set - for example the Room at the Top set works particularly well with a man's white shirt and light-coloured lingerie. Lacy lingerie and killer heels work in all sets, although the artistic nude set requires you to wear nothing more than a sexy smile. Most people bring a few different sets of lingerie with them so we have a choice and we can advise what will work best for you. You don't have to spend a fortune on designer lingerie - we have seen great sets from Ann Summers, M&S and Debenhams. The most important thing is that whatever you wear FITS well - that always makes you feel more confident.

Q. Does the Preview CD I get contain the high resolution files? Q. Does the Preview CD I get contain the high resolution files?

The CD that you take away with you on the day of your shoot contains low-resolution, unedited watermarked JPEGS of all the best images from your shoot. These are at a high enough resolution for you to see at a good size on your computer screen at home and are to be used for you to choose the images from your shoot that you want us to retouch and print. If you book one of our Digital Packages, you will also have a number of medium resolution files included in the package price with the option to upgrade these to high-resolution files. If you book one of our Print, Album or Book Packages you can also buy medium or high resolution retouched files of any of the images from your shoot.

Q. I don't want prints or an album, can I just have digital files? Q. I don't want prints or an album, can I just have digital files?

Our Digital Boudoir Packages come with a number of medium-resolution files included in the price. These files are fully retouched and large enough to print out to a 12" x 8" photograph. These can be upgraded to High Resolution files at a cost of £50 per file. High resolution files are large enough to print to about 36" x 24". You can buy High resolution files as additional products with any of our packages for £75 each.

Q. How long do I have to order extra images? Q. How long do I have to order extra images?

We guarantee to keep your image files for 6 months from the date of your shoot and we often keep them for 12 months. There are no high- pressure sales tactics of only giving you a few weeks to buy additional products. And we won't make you come back to us for a Viewing Session to see your images and pressure you into making decisions (which often leads to the client spending more money than they intended). We want you to have plenty of time to choose your pictures in the comfort of your own home. You take your CD of proof files home with you on the day of your shoot and this is yours to keep forever. Lots of our clients do buy extra pictures and products from their shoot and we feel great about this as we know they do it because they really love their pictures, not because they feel they have to. We wish we could keep all our clients pictures forever, but I'm afraid we would need to build another extension to store all the hard-drives we would need to hold the files! We have found that most clients find that 6-12 months gives them more than enough time to decide on everything they would like to order.