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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

You get great variety with the Glamorous set as we do part of the set using our reflective platform and the other part against our damask wallpaper. It works equally well in lingerie or nude - bright coloured lingerie looks especially effective against the wall with a pair of high heels to lengthen the legs. Great for sexy lingerie portraits or glamour photography.

We can also incorporate some artistic nude type poses on the platform and against the wall as well as some abstract images to give you another different style.

The skin has a lovely glow in the colour images, while black and white can give your shots a more artistic feel.

Light or bright coloured lingerie works particularly well as it stands out better against the dark background. Avoid really dark matt lingerie as it can disappear into the shadows. If you want to wear black, then lacy is best. High heels are great for the standing shots as they make posing easier and give a lovely shape to the legs. This set works best without stockings or hold ups, but if you do want to wear them, sheer 7 or 10 denier work best. On the platform we don’t use shoes, so it is best without stockings too.