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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

Satin Sheets is one of our most popular studio sets and is a real Mighty Aphrodite signature set. It is very easy and works equally well whether you are size zero or size 20! It is great for either lingerie portraits or nude/partially nude images.

Even if you're feeling brave enough to go fully nude we always suggest starting the set in some sexy lingerie and then working to the level of nudity you are comfortable with. Even when you are nude, subtle angles and shadows can ensure that the images remain completely tasteful and artistic.

Of course if your preferred option is to be a little more daring then this set can provide delightfully artistic yet highly erotic images - the prerogative is yours! The set works equally well in colour and in black and white - most clients have a mixture of both.

Any colour lingerie will work; the only thing to avoid is solid matt black as it can disappear into the shadows. Stockings are optional but avoid anything too opaque (sheer 7 or 10 denier ones work best), the set works well with or without them, but shoes are really great in this set, so we would recommend a pair of high heeled shoes.