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Decoration Line

The Sensual Boudoir studio set will give you some stunning classic boudoir images. It is designed to look like a boutique boudoir hotel room and has a very opulent mood. The lighting is very natural and soft with a real daylight feel - although the window is actually fake!

The Sensual Boudoir set is perfect for Bridal Boudoir photos as a sexy gift for your groom. Bring along your wedding lingerie and your veil and shoes for some "morning of the wedding" style shots. You can then do some shots in just lingerie and progress to nude if you feel comfortable.

Any colour lingerie works great in this set – either light coloured or dark.  Softer colours do seem to work really well – greys, creams and pinks are lovely, but red or black also work well as a contrast to the neutral background colours. Stockings and shoes are optional on the bed – it depends what kind of a feel you want your images to have.  A pair of high heels is useful if we do standing shots as they help to give a nice shape to the legs.

This is the set to choose for anyone who likes the softer more romantic and sensual side of boudoir. Ideal for Lingerie Portraits or tasteful Sensual Nudes. This set contrasts perfectly with our Glamorous set or for more arty shots, try it with our Artistic Nude Set. For something a bit raunchier, try Satin Sheets or Darkest Desires!