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Often our best new ideas are inspired by our brilliant clients. Mrs. L had been to us for several boudoir and art nude shoots before her husband told us about another photographer he had tried to commission to do a shoot for them. This photographer specialised in body paint photo shoots and Mr. L had asked him to create some images of Mrs. L that he could have as big prints for their walls at home. Unfortunately the photographer turned Mr. L down, saying he couldn't guarantee to get good results so wasn't comfortable to take his commission.

So Mr. L asked us if we fancied trying out the Body Paint idea...we jumped at the chance - we love trying out new techniques! After a couple of test shoots, we did a shoot with Mrs. L and she and her husband were very happy that we had managed to create exactly what they were looking for.

UV Photography


And that's how our BodyGlow shoots were born. The shots are modern, very arty and each one is totally personal and unique. Why buy off-the-shelf artwork for your walls when you can BE the artwork! The images are so anonymous you could display them in your living room and nobody would recognise it is you. But then you will probably be so proud of the pictures that you end up telling everyone "That's me!" We can even customise the colours we use to fit in with your preferences or even to match your decor at home.

Because we have to use totally different lighting equipment and also because it takes longer to shoot our BodyGlow sessions, we can't offer BodyGlow shots as part of one of our normal Boudoir appointments. It has to be done as a shoot on its own. But that has the advantage that you don't need to worry about hair and make up! See the Package Prices Here.


We fit in as many different paint effects and colour combinations as we can during your session. We have a stylish ensuite shower room adjoining the studio so you can wash off the paint between applications. The piant we use is specialist skin friendly, non-toxic,and washes off really easily. You get to see the results immediately on a computer screen in the studio as we are shooting which makes the shoot really fun and enjoyable. You can then see which colour combinations and effects you like best. As well as the Body Paint shots, we can also include some glow bodystocking shots too and if you have any other glow-in-the-dark props you would like to incorporate, bring them along and we will see what we can do! Our BodyGlow Packages above have been designed with our most popular products, but if there is anything you would like that you don't see here, get in touch with details of what you would like to include with your shoot and we can work out a bespoke package for you.