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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

The sumptuous setting of our Boudoir set is highlighted by "sunlight" streaming through venetian blinds to give a warm afternoon feel to your images. Lingerie, topless or nude all work equally well and this set is perfect for those who want a combination of sexy teasing lingerie portraits and more erotic boudoir or nude images.

As with all our sets, even if you are considering being photographed nude we always suggest starting in lingerie and then progress to your level of comfort. The level of exposure is always up to you, but this set does have a sexy edge. Like the Satin Sheets set, The Boudoir is a very easy set and great for all body shapes. The difference is that The Boudoir has more of a room type setting and softer lighting and obviously the red sheets give it a very different feel.

Light or dark cloured lingerie work well but do avoid any colours that will clash with the red satin sheets. Stockings are optional but avoid anything too opaque (sheer 7 or 10 denier ones work best). High-heeled shoes do work really well.