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Thin Line
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Thin Line
Thin Line



Decoration Line

This set is based on the more "lifestyle" type of image and evokes a voyeuristic atmosphere where the subject is unaware of being observed. The images can range from innocent or teasing to highly erotic with the level of exposure depending on the careful placement of hands and lingerie. This is definitely one of our most erotic sets, but if you love the setting but aren't feeling brave you can keep lingerie on or just go topless for less eroticism!

This set also has a wide scope for more anonymous images as often only part of the body will be in focus to centre the attention of the viewer. The lighting simulates natural daylight to give realism to the room setting. The images can be shot so that a story unfolds drawing the voyeur in with the thrill of what will happen next so this set can create a gorgeous series of images for an Album or ArtBook or as a set of Digi Files with the pictures getting naughtier as they progress.

Lacy lingerie works really well in this set, either light or dark colours look great. We can also use a white shirt in some of the images – you can bring one along or borrow one of the ones we have here in the studio. This set is best done without shoes for a more natural effect. Stockings again are optional, but probably nude or light-coloured work better that black stockings of you do want to wear them in this set.