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Decoration Line

Name: ISI
Age: 48
Dress Size: 12
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

My husband asked me to do a photo shoot for him for his 50th birthday on our 28th wedding anniversary.

"No chance, all the other women will be skinny models. I've got stretch marks and a wobbly baby belly" I said. For years & years I've felt dreadful about myself & my image, in spite of my other half's best efforts.

Luckily he had the client's stories ready to pop that myth.

I say luckily because I did it, and if you have the slightest inkling in your mind to do the same, I urge you to do it too. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life.

From the moment we arrived Leigh & Zena put us at ease with their friendly & professional approach. Over a cuppa they took us through what our day would be and assured me the shoot would progress at a speed and level of nudity I would be happy with.

They both gave confidence-building encouragement. I never felt uncomfortable or encroached upon. I started off trembling in my undies, and ended up in just stilettos without a care in the world.

When my other half suggested continuing and doing a fourth set that day, I jumped at the chance. I loved every minute of it. Both of us were buzzing with excitement at the end.

Unlike other sites you might look at, these wonderful people gently guide you to be photographed in the way you wish, in the time it takes, not a race against the clock, and you can look at the results as you go. I was astonished with how I looked. Don't like a bit of your body? Leigh just positions the lights to cast a shadow there so it really is me, not a clever computer image (apart from Sam dealing with my stretch marks).

And such fun & laughter; "never mind what your Mother would say, put your heels on the bed." and "Hold that pose, hold it, hold it, where have I put the camera?" CRASH..."don't worry, that was me falling through the bathroom door!"

I used to dress in jeans & baggy clothes in order to be invisible. Since the shoot my confidence is sky high. What a difference thanks to my other half's wish, a bit of courage by me and the extraordinary talent and skill of Leigh, Zena and Sam, (which includes Zena being a whizz with a needle and thread to mend my suspender).

From invisible I've gone to showing my photos to family, friends and even some work colleagues! Comments included; - "wow, is that you?", "Absolutely stunning", "your husband's a lucky ****" to "awesome boobs Mum!"

The pictures were for my husband to pick and keep safely shut away. Having done the shoot and seen the results I am so proud that I felt I wanted to be involved, so we chose them together. There were over 400 photos on the CD that we had to pick between! We didn't do too well rejecting them so we ended up with 2 ImageBooks and pictures for the walls, one of which will by hung in the lounge for all to see, and the ImageBooks will go on the new coffee table I bought specially (yep my husband thought the same as you).

My heartfelt thanks go to Leigh & Zena; you really have changed my life!

UPDATE - See pictures from Isi's 2nd & 3rd boudoir shoots here: 3 Sexy Boudoir Shoots for Isi

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