Latest news on our Move to Wales

They say “Nothing worth having comes easy” – and our move to Wales has certainly been anything but straightforward! We originally thought we would be moving before Christmas, but with a chain of 5 properties and two of the moves being long-distance we were beset by many delays.

Then to cap it all, 2 days before we were scheduled to exchange contracts one of the parties further down the chain pulled out. 🤦‍♀️ We spent the rest of the day desperately hoping that the chain would not collapse. Happily the vendors of our house in Wales came up with a solution and we managed to exchange contracts and set a definite moving date. Finally we can confirm we are moving to Wales in the middle of March. 😃

We are fully booked with shoots & workshops up to the end of February and then we start packing up the studio. When we move we are going to start preparing for building our new studio as soon as we can.

Our Wildlife Meadow

We have already had planning permission approved for the studio but we need to get building regulations passed so the studio build could take quite a few months. We are scaling back our shoots to one per week and we already have a list of past and prospective clients who want to come to Wales for a shoot. If you would like to register your interest, email Zena and we will add you to our new Wales mailing list and we will send you early notification when we open our diary for photo shoot bookings before we announce it on social media and in our normal newsletters.

We will be taking bookings for our holiday cottages from April onwards – we are currently writing a brand new website for the cottages so again, get in touch if you would like to be informed when we are ready to take holiday bookings.

Our location up on the hillside
Our driveway lined with beech trees
Cottages Picnic Area

We are so excited about the area we are moving to – there is so much to do and we are surrounded by glorious natural wonders in all directions. We are putting together a list of local attractions for our new website – here’s a quick preview of some of the amazing things you can do if you come and stay at our cottages.

It’s going to be a busy but exhilarating few months for us and we do hope that you will come and visit us for a shoot or just to escape to the country for a while. Don’t forget to register your interest to be first to hear our latest news and get the chance to be one of the first to book!

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