New Beginnings in Lampeter

🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Yes we finally did it – after all those months of uncertainty we moved into our cottage in Wales on 17th March. Then 6 days later, the whole country was put on lockdown. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

View from the front of our cottages.

Our first 2 months here have not been what we expected – although we can’t complain as we have over 4 acres of our own outdoor space to wander in so social distancing and getting fresh air and exercise is easy. 

The view from one of our meadows.

There are also some great walks right from our door, so we have managed to stay fit – especially climbing the hills to get the best views.

One of the walks from our cottages.
View from halfway up the hill behind us
View from the hilltop behind our cottages – a great walk.

The nature here is a very calming – we have a pair of red kites that live in the valley below us and we’ve watched them build a nest, sit on eggs and now they are feeding 3 chicks. πŸ¦… We also have a hare that frequently visits our wildlife meadow…oh and we have borrowed some sheep!

Better than a lawnmower!

Our largest meadow was going to be difficult to manage – too big for Leigh’s petrol mower but too uneven for a ride-on mower.

Our biggest meadow needs more than a mower!

Luckily one of our neighbours keeps sheep for wool and is happy to let us borrow them for a few weeks to keep our grass under control. We love having them and even Ziggy has gotten used to his new wooly friends.

Love the way they come and stare up at us. ?

Lockdown has meant that our Studio Build has been delayed as we can’t get some of the building materials we need. So we decided to crack on with refurbishing the cottages as we can get most supplies for that delivered (albeit slowly). We’re having great fun ripping out the bathroom from Woodpecker Cottage and designing the new scheme and buying all new furniture and furnishings for both Woodpecker and Red Kite. We have also been making use of the downtime to write a new website for our Holiday Cottages – you can see it here: Romantic Holiday Cottages in Wales

Leigh fitting new bath panels – those kneepads were a Godsend!

The pictures of the cottages on the website at the moment are as they were before we took over. We’ll be taking new ones once we have finished the refurbishments!

The weather has been unreal since we moved in – only a couple of days of rain and it’s been t-shirt weather a lot of the time. Who says it always rains in Wales?

In the picnic meadow at 10:00am on an April morning.
Warm enough for website writing in the garden in April.

We’re so glad that we moved in Springtime as it has been wonderful watching everything come to life. The beech trees on our driveway have suddenly formed a tree tunnel.

We have a perfect view of the sunset every night and some of them have been stunning – pictures just don’t do them justice.

Our first week.

And we’ve even been up early enough for the odd sunrise!

Sunrise over the distant Cambrian Mountains

Progress on the Studio build is achingly slow – we have had planning permission approved and have had our go-ahead from building regs. But we can’t get properly started with the build yet. We’re hoping restrictions will have lifted enough to start properly in July. 🀞

It’s encouraging that some people are already planning ahead and we have already taken 2 bookings for August 2021? Once the studio is finished and our renovations are done, we are going to be able to offer a unique package of Boudoir Shoot and romantic holiday combined. A brilliant gift and we have gift vouchers available if you want to treat someone to either a shoot, a romantic break or both.

Enjoying Sundowners in the Meadow

We are so happy we made the move as we already love it here…what a magical place to be in confinement. πŸ¦”πŸ¦ŠπŸŒ³πŸΏπŸŒΏπŸπŸπŸ¦…πŸŒΌ Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe. πŸ’š

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