Boudoir Outfit Ideas #1 – White Shirt

A man’s white shirt is one of our all-time favourite accessories. Sexy, classic, understated and very versatile, it will work in almost all our studio sets. Here in our Room at the Top Set it can give you some extra coverage allowing us to reveal only parts of the body for a cheeky tease.

Raunchy Boudoir Photos
Sexy boudoir pose

In our Sensual Boudoir set the shirt works beautifully in the window for a half-silhouette, diffusing the light.

The shirt doesn’t have to hide everything though. If you want to do some shots without lingerie but don’t want to be completely nude, the shirt is a sexy way to do semi-nudes.

Tasteful Semi-Nude Boudoir
Sexy Semi-Nudes

It does also work with lingerie underneath – perfect to start off the shoot if you are bashful about being in your knickers ☺️
Sexy Boudoir Shoot
Erotic Boudoir Shoot

White Lace Boudoir Lingerie
Lingerie Boudoir Photoshoots

We always have a white shirt available in the studio that you can borrow for your shoot so don’t worry if your partner’s isn’t the right size. We even sometimes use a white shirt in some of our couples shots.

Now you see why we love a white shirt! Why not Get in Touch to find out more about our shoots.