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Sam’s Gorgeous Gift for her Husband

Sam only had her shoot at the end of April, but as she had a deadline to meet we managed to get her album done super-quick so her husband would get his Birthday Gift in time! She very kindly sent us a review of her experience and agreed to share her beautiful pictures.

Glamorous Boudoir PhotographyWhat was your reason for doing a shoot?

“A Birthday Present for my husband; but also a confidence boost for myself. After 22 years of being a busy mum of 6 children, being devoted wife / home maker and running my own complimentary therapies business and working as a birth supporter and breastfeeding helper; I wanted to remind myself and husband that there still existed a more intimate, fun, and sexy side to myself, other than the ‘mummsie’ and professional side.”

How did you feel before the shoot. Were you nervous or worried about anything?
“I was quite looking forward to a change of scenery and doing something novel! But I was a bit apprehensive and concerned that I might not like the finished results, or my husband for that matter! Also I wondered if I might chicken out at the last minute! And I was also worried what people might think of me if they found out, especially my grown up children!!”

Was the shoot how you expected?
“The shoot was a lot more laid back and relaxed than I thought it might be. Some of the shots that involved holding my legs up were a bit strenuous, but well worth it when I saw the finished results! I felt really pleased and proud of myself for braving it out and having the shots done and going further with the shots than I thought it would.”


Sexy gifts for menHow did you feel after the shoot?
“I have had a few health problems during my life, as well as having 6 children and also used to weigh 3 stones heavier, so have had issues about my appearance and body over the years; so doing this has boosted my confidence and helped me make friends with my body again!”

If you have shown anyone else your pictures what was their reaction?
“My husband was gobsmacked! He was quite surprised, and didn’t think it was the kind of thing I would be comfortable doing on my own; but said the pictures were really beautiful.  He did tell his work mates what he had got for his birthday, but told them they weren’t allowed to look at them though! My best friend saw them, (she was with me when I had my 5th baby so I was comfortable with her seeing them). She thought they were amazing and hopes when she has saved enough money, to go for a shoot too! My 16 year old daughter asked what I was giving her dad for his birthday, so I told her some sophisticated glamour photos! She asked to see the photos that were most decent in her eyes, so I showed her the one where I was laid on my front and she thought they looked classy and sophisticated and that her dad would love them; but she didn’t want to see the other pictures for sure!”


sexy stocking shots

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering having a shoot?

“To go for it definitely! Zena and Leigh will make you feel more than welcome, relaxed, comfortable and confident – like being at Home from Home.”

A massive thanks to Sam for sharing her story and pictures. If Sam has inspired you to create your own collection of beautiful boudoir photos, check out our website for more clients stories, image galleries and lots of info about our Boudoir Shoots:
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  • This was an amazing gift from my Gorgeous wife, this was such a beautiful gift more than i ever expected, Sam is truly beautiful , she fills my life with meaning and love,Fantastic, Thank you so much

  • Thank you so much for your feedback Robert! It is always lovely to hear from partners and get their comments and reaction to our pictures. So glad that you loved your album :o)