Boudoir Photoshoots

Shona’s Bridal Boudoir Shoot

shonaName: Shona

Age: 28

Dress Size : 8

Reason for shoot: A wedding gift for my Husband-to-be

When my now husband and I got engaged I was looking through the You and Your Wedding website for inspiration for a wedding gift for him and found reviews on there from girls who had done MA photoshoots and had nothing but praise for Leigh, Zena and the finished results. I thought it would be a unique and very different gift to anything I’d ever given my husband to be (and totally different from anything he would expect), so I thought I’d check the website out…and never looked back! I’d seen other boudoir photographers but none of them compared to Mighty Aphrodite – I was so impressed with the photos and the variety of sets that I emailed Zena that day with some enquiries and phoned to book my shoot a couple of hours later.

Shona Boudoir 1

On the day of the shoot, because I’d spoken with Leigh and Zena over the telephone before I knew they’d make me feel comfortable, and I wasn’t wrong. Before the shoot started I felt a few butterflies but it was excitment rather than nerves because I had every faith that they’d make me look great! Leigh and Zena are just normal, easy going people and I felt completely at ease with them, to the point that before I knew it I was walking around topless in high heels without batting an eyelid! For someone who has various body confidence issues, this was a really big thing for me, but it felt totally normal.

Boudoir PhotoshootAll through the shoot, Leigh would let me know how to pose, which shots would work well topless (if I wanted to) and at regular intervals he and Zena showed me the photos taken so far. This was great because looking through the photos and seeing how good they looked helped to build my confidence for the next set.

I was utterly blown away by the results and couldn’t have been happier. The difficult thing was choosing the final selection to go in my album. Be warned girls – taking off your clothes is easy, THIS is the hard part! I don’t think I can write down here what my husband put in the text he sent me when he opened the album on the morning of our wedding, but let’s just say it was very appreciative! I’ve read reviews on here from girls who gave birth 9 months after giving their partner the album and I can’t say I’m surprised.

Boudoir Photo ShootI’ve always had issues concerning my legs, bum and boobs, but now I see myself in a totally different light. I love looking through the album as it shows what I really look like, rather than what I thought I looked like. I recently accompanied a friend to her Mighty Aphrodite shoot and although she had chosen the same sets as me, we both have very different body shapes, so it was very interesting to see how Leigh and Zena tailored the shoot and used different poses to those that had been used for me – they really have a fantastic eye for this and know how to flatter and suit every body type.

It was such a great experience that I’m planning a return trip to Leigh and Zena next year and I can’t wait…neither can my husband!

Boudoir Photoshoots

Shona’s Husband Phil’s Review

My wife to be arranged a photo shoot with Mighty Aphrodite as a wedding present to surprise me with, and surprise me she did!
She gave me the album, wrapped up, the evening before the wedding, leaving me with an instruction to open the present the following morning. What greeted me was incredible. The quality of the photos and the style were very professional and I was so impressed with the whole thing – the imagery was very sensual and sexy, but classy like something you would see in FHM or GQ rather than nuts or zoo!
Now, I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful wife who has an incredible body, but I could tell that the photographer knew how to emphasise her best assests by choosing poses that looked both natural and flattering.
This is a gift that will truly last a life time, and can be looked back on fondly…and often! Just be careful with the timing of the gift, as it had a profound physical effect on me that couldn’t be taken advantage of until the end of our wedding day!