Who We Are and What We Do!

A boudoir shoot is a very personal experience. So it is crucial that you know exactly who you are going to be working with and who is going to be photographing you when you come for your shoot. It will help you to feel much less nervous in the build up to your shoot as it removes some of the “unknown” factors that could make you worried.

So here we are – Zena (that’s me – I’m Studio Manager) & Leigh (my awesome husband and the Mighty Aphrodite photographer). We have been merrily married for 22 years and have one son. We have been in business together for around 18 of those years (15 shooting boudoir). I often get asked the (stupid) question “How did Leigh persuade you to let him photograph naked women for a living?” My reply – Mighty Aphrodite was actually my idea…I had to convince him that it would be a good niche to move into ?

Another (stupid) question that makes me giggle is “Don’t you get jealous of Leigh photographing nude women?” Well if I did we would have a pretty miserable existance because we shoot almost every day! Luckily we have a very strong, happy and trusting relationship and we run Mighty Aphrodite very much as a partnership, each with our own areas of expertise within the business. (And I don’t get offended by stupid questions) ?

Leigh with Ziggy

Zena watching Reading FC at Wembley

Leigh’s skills are in taking amazing pictures and image editing – mine are in providing great customer service and marketing the business. Catherine is the talented hair and make up artist who covers most of our shoots (with Courteney stepping in when Catherine isn’t available). Sam is the final important member of our team – she does a large percentage of our image editing adding that extra “polish” to our pictures. We’d be lost without these brilliant creatives and their contribution to our shoots.

Catherine – Our Hair & Make Up Artist

Sam – Our Image Editor

We have always been very open and honest about who we are – Mighty Aphrodite is after all our full-time job and we are very proud of our reputation and the financially stable business we have run successfully for over 15 years.

I am always surprised when I see other boudoir studios that are completely anonymous – they only list a mobile phone number in their contact details with no address, location and sometimes not even the name of the photographer! I can’t imagine who is going to even get in touch with so little detail to make them feel safe and secure about who they are reaching out to.

We feel it is so important that you get to know us a little – even before you pick up the phone or send that first email. We are true professionals but we like to show our personal side too. Our shoots are very relaxed and informal – our clients often say the shoot was more like popping round to see friends rather than the nerve-wracking ordeal they were expecting.

We often share pictures from our personal lives and our travels and we also have a behind the scenes video on our website so you can see us in action photographing all our studio sets in one day – see this video here: Behind the Scenes Timelapse

See some other videos of us here: Our Videos

So, as you can see, we are a small (but perfectly formed) team 100% dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. If you have any questions or worries in the build up to your shoot, I am only an email or phone call away. After 15 years I have heard it all, so whatever your fears or concerns, I can help you, no matter how embarrassing they may seem to you – this is what I do every day. And I am also pretty unshockable so don’t be shy!

Do get in touch if you need any information about our shoots – you can email me or give me a call on 01570 421057. Don’t put it off – seize the day! Hope to hear from you soon ? – Zena