Claire & Alex’s Couples Boudoir Shoot

Claire and Alex’s review of their Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot which they did to celebrate their wedding anniversary:

“We originally spotted Mighty Aphrodite at an exhibition in London and were struck with how beautiful and artistic the photos on display were.

At that time I had just had my daughter and had terrible scarring from a casarean that had gone wrong and never thought I would have the courage to have this sort of shoot but I really wanted to give it a go.”

Sexy Boudoir Shoots


“After a few years my scar faded a bit and I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to have photos taken of us before we got too much older so we booked in to have them taken on our Wedding Anniversary.

We were both excited but nervous before the shoot, it didn’t last long as Zena and Leigh put us at ease instantly. We loved every minute of our shoot, and were surprised at how much fun we had. We really liked having a chance to see the photos instantly, it gave us both so much confidence and ideas of how to interact with the camera.”


Couples Boudoir Shoots

“I really recommend following the advice given by Zena and Leigh, it’s surprising how much of a workout the shoot is and you will enjoy it more if you stick to it.

We were on such a high when we left and this continued for a few days. The best bit is having the images to take home on the day so you can keep looking at them!

The final photos are just gorgeous and we have shown them off to so many people, we just love them and have such lovely memories of the day. We definitely want to have a follow up shoot in the future, the experience is deliciously addictive!”

A big thank you to Claire & Alex for sharing their story. If you would like to have your own couple photo session do get in touch or you can find out more about our Couples Shoots HERE