Fiona’s Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot Review

Fiona (23 and a size 10/12) was a bride-to-be who came to us for a boudoir photography shoot to create an album as a wedding gift to her husband-to-be. Here is what Fiona had to say about her experience…


How did you feel before your shoot, were you worried or nervous about anything?

“As a midwife who is used to being a professional around boobs and bums I tried to reassure myself that it would be fine as they are only body parts – however as I entered the studio I was amazed at the amount of butterflies my stomach could hold!  I think I particularly felt nervous as I hadn’t been in lingerie/naked in front of a man except for my future husband!”


Was the shoot how you expected?
“Leigh and Zena are a very professional couple, and the very fact that they are a husband and wife duo brings extra reassurance. I enjoyed discussing what I wanted/felt comfortable to do and the range of lingerie I had bought…naturally over a good cup of tea!  That was quite a random scenario!  But it definitely helped me to relax and feel comfortable and confident with Leigh and Zena. The hardest part was walking out of the bathroom either in lingerie or nude. However, after the first few shots I almost forgot I was naked – largely due to the couple’s professionalism. One thing I was really worried about was facial expressions.  I was dreading Leigh turning around and saying “pull a sex face” or something as I knew I would be so embarrassed and blush forever more!  However, Leigh uses natural and relaxed facial expressions and only gives minor directions.”



How did you feel after the shoot?
“Amazed, elated, shocked, excited, proud, adrenaline pumped with the best confidence and self image boost I have ever had!!  I was amazed that the images I was looking at were me – and that they only needed my tan lines airbrushing!”

image26@2x image46@2x

Did you show anyone else your pictures, and what was their reaction?
“I showed my bridesmaids as I couldn’t contain my excitement!  They thought the images looked great!”


Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering doing a Boudoir Shoot?
“GO FOR IT! I’m a shy, quiet person who has all the same body hang ups as everyone else- but this experience made me realise that actually I am attractive and should be proud and happy with who I am.  On a practical level, I would recommend going alone – as at the end of the day you may never see Leigh and Zena ever again and you can keep your shoot as private as you want – I don’t think I could have been as relaxed with a friend watching me. Leigh and Zena are very professional and supportive – no one should be worried about  having a shoot with them at all.”

Sexy Nude Photography
Nude bridal boudoir


What did your husband think of your album?
“I gave the album to my husband the morning after our wedding as I had to be there to see his reaction. He was utterly speechless, a little shocked but very very pleased!”


Boudoir Photography makes a great gift, whether for your wedding or any other special occasion – or if you can’t think of an excuse, just to spoil yourself!  You can have several different styles of image from your shoot – just like Fiona. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you –