Nicole Looks Good Naked!


Nicole had a shoot to give herself a confidence-boost and celebrate a new chapter in her life. Here’s what she had to say about her Boudoir Shoot: “It only feels like yesterday when I was in the Mighty Aphrodite studio wearing nothing but pearls and red stilettos!! I feel like the shoot was the culmination of a period of real change for me and was certainly the perfect way to cement my new outlook on life . 

I’d never been happy with my body since I was a teenager. Growing up I’d always been painfully thin and that didn’t change as I got to my twenties. At the age of 31 I gave up smoking and finally started to put on weight, although I then went a little too much in the other direction; living on pizza and strawberry cheesecake Haagen-Dazs to kill the cravings certainly won’t keep you skinny!!

When I booked my shoot I was suffering from depression as my relationship with my (now ex) boyfriend was breaking down and I felt my life was in a mess. However, for the first time I finally became happy with how I looked. I’d slimmed down a little and started to enjoy buying underwear and sexy clothes.” 

“I got the idea to have a boudoir shoot from the old Gok Wan show “How to Look Good Naked”.  I did some research on the internet, trawling through the obvious sites.  Digging a little deeper I found Mighty Aphrodite and felt that I’d found the perfect people to help me. The prices were far more reasonable and the company itself seemed geared towards providing clients with an experience to remember, rather than a money-making opportunity. Zena couldn’t have been more helpful with booking my shoot and the advice she gave me was spot-on.” 

Sexy Boudoir Shoots“The day of the shoot itself I will confess to being rather nervous, but Leigh & Zena put me completely at ease. It really felt like I was at a friend’s house. The cup of tea when I got there while we went through my outfit choices was very much needed! 

The shoot was so much fun. Obviously starting out slowly, but it surprised me how quickly I felt comfortable and my lack of clothing didn’t really seem to be such an issue after about half an hour! I’ve never really liked having pictures taken of myself, but the fact that they were so wonderful and I could see immediately what they looked like was a real help and gave me much more confidence. 

After the shoot I didn’t stop smiling for about a month! It really did change my perspective on myself and now I see myself as having a body to be proud of, rather than nursing all my old paranoias. I showed the photographs to some of my friends and they all agreed they were amazing and they commented on how I seemed so bouncy all the time. It took me ages to whittle them down to the few for the album, as there were so many that I liked, but when the album arrived I was over the moon. It was everything I’d hoped for and one of the best things I’ve ever done.” 

Naked Boudoir Portraits

My plan for the future is to have a double-sided photograph frame on the wall, with one of your photos on one side and of me swimming with dolphins on the other, so I can turn it around when I have visitors calling 😉 

I’ve also got one picked out of me that I’m going to use on invitations to my 80th birthday party (if I get that far!) so that they’ll all know that I wasn’t always an old lady!!”

If you would like to try a “How to Look Good Naked” boudoir shoot to give your confidence a boost, get in touch today because it really can change the way you see yourself.