Sarah’s Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

Sarah Bridal


Thinking of doing a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot as a wedding gift for your Husband-to-Be? Read client Sarah’s review of her experience.

 “After a lot of research into wedding gifts I decided to take the plunge and book a shoot with Mighty Aphrodite so I could give the album to my fiancé just before our wedding…I was so nervous before the shoot that I seriously considered calling it all off the day before, and in the end I dragged my sister along for moral support!”

“As we sat there having a chat and a coffee and looking through the underwear I had taken along Leigh and Zena hit such the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism that I really did start to relax, and by the time I had had my make up done I had stopped shaking, and was looking forward to getting started.”


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“I started off wearing my underwear as I really wasn’t sure if I had the courage to go any further, I’d never even been topless on the beach! But Leigh was so encouraging and Zena was showing me the images as the shoot went along which really helped, it wasn’t long before I was completely naked! After a while I wasn’t even worried about covering up to look at the images on the screen, even though Leigh kindly offered me a shirt each time we were changing set. Before the shoot I was really worried about not knowing what to do, but Leigh gave me direction the whole way through.”

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“The day before the wedding I nervously gave my husband the album. I was absolutely over the moon with his reaction…here is what he has to say about it:

“When I first opened Sarah’s album, I didn’t really what it was as the first image didn’t show Sarah’s face – I seriously thought she had given me a piece of beautiful modern erotic art. Only when I looked closer did I realise it was her in the picture! I was so shocked, I looked up and said “That’s you!?” She started laughing and told me all about the amazing day she had making the album. I was literally amazed that she had done something so brave and out of character just for me. Each page I turned just got better and better. Not only do I have these stunning images of my wife, but I have had the pleasure of seeing her confidence grow so much which is just brilliant. She even goes topless on the beach now after years of my telling her she has lovely breasts, Mighty Aphrodite convinced her in a few hours!”

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“I cannot recommend Mighty Aphrodite highly enough, it was an experience I will never forget, and one I would very much like to repeat. For anyone out there thinking of doing this as a gift for their partner my advice would be to go for it, you couldn’t be more nervous than I was, and I’m sure you will have just as positive experience as i did. Thank you Leigh and Zena.”

Sarah used our Satin Sheets and Glamorous studio sets for her shoot. Email Zena if you would like to find out more about our shoots or call us on 0118 9835154. You can see more information on our Boudoir shoots for Brides here: Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot