Tina’s Shoot – a Gift from her Husband

Buying a special gift for your wife or girlfriend can be tricky…you want something different, something unique and unusual…and something that shows how much you love her. Tina’s husband bought her a Gift Voucher for a Mighty Aphrodite boudoir shoot for her 40th birthday…here is her review and her fabulous pictures she has allowed us to share.

Beautiful classy boudoir

“My husband bought me a photo package for my 40th birthday because he believed I had a fab body yet I hated my shape. I had put on weight and wanted to be that size 10 again. I was very apprehensive about even doing the shoot but it spurred me on to lose a good stone beforehand, which I did and slimmed down from a size 14 to size 12.”

Sexy Lingerie shoot
sexy glamour photo

“On the day of the shoot I was quite nervous and wondered who on earth I was doing this for as it felt more like a chore rather than a good experience for me. On arrival Zena and Leigh made me feel very relaxed and my make up looked lovely. It did feel slightly surreal taking my clothes off in front of strangers, but I soon got into it once I could see the results on screen.”

black & white boudoir photography
at the window
“The final images looked amazing and I couldn’t believe they were really photos of me. I now wear sexier clothes and feel sexier and I now actually think my body is pretty good and fully appreciate what I have.”image49@2x image48@2x“I will be putting some of the images around the house and I feel so proud of them I just want to show them off to everyone. I would definitely recommend it as a confidence booster and a liberating experience.  Thanks very much to you both, you do a wonderful job.” 


It’s so lovely when a client arrives for their shoot with reservations but by the time they leave they are so pleased they did it and proud of themselves for taking the chance! If you’re reading this and wondering if you dare come to us for a shoot, take inspiration from Tina and the other wonderful clients featured here on our blog and on our website. If they can do it, you can too. 🙂

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Boudoir Silhouettes