Sexy Photo Shoot

Mrs P’s Wedding Bride Boudoir Shoot

Our clients are often very nervous before their shoot – it’s understandable as most haven’t done anything remotely like a boudoir shoot before. The thought of being photographed in lingerie or nude can be too nerve-wracking for some people, even though they really want to have the finished pictures and know if they can just overcome the nerves they will enjoy the experience.

Mrs. P was a great example of this. Even though she was very nervous when she arrived she settled into the shoot really quickly and was able to enjoy the whole day creating beautiful images as a Wedding Gift for her Husband-to Be. Here is what she has to say:

“I decided I wanted to do some kind of boudoir photo shoot for my then-fiancé as a wedding present as I’m normally not a very outgoing or overly sexual person. So I thought it would be a nice change and something new and exciting for him, and definitely an appropriate wedding present.

Sexy Boudoir Photography

“We did a LOT of research before deciding on Leigh and Mighty Aphrodite – everything we found about them online screamed of their incredible professionalism and how easy they make the shoots – exactly what I needed. Right from the start, they are so supportive, even emailing you advice on the best lingerie to wear for each studio set and how to get the most from your shoot. We had a long journey to get to the shoot (we are based in the North West) but it was so beyond worth it.

“Right away, you’re put at ease as their studio is just in a normal house on a normal street, nothing scary! Leigh and Zena are both so incredibly friendly and welcoming, you can’t not like them! I was so incredibly nervous going into it, and by the end I felt so relaxed and happy, as well as very pleased/proud of the shots we got! The make up and hair artist they had was incredible, she gave me the guidance I needed when I wasn’t sure what look to go for and very patiently spent ages curling my (very long) hair.

Sensual Boudoir Portraits

“When I actually had to first change into my lingerie I was so nervous to come out of the changing room – very odd experience, but Leigh and Zena made me feel immediately at ease, so eventually it doesn’t feel odd. I wasn’t sure if I would want to do any fully nude shots but after a while, I felt more than comfortable to do so. Both of them are so kind and reassuring, and they give so much guidance and advice you really don’t feel like there is anything odd or unusual about what you are doing, and it feels almost easy to do.

Sexy Lingerie Photo Shoot

“Every pose is clearly described to you by Leigh, and a lot of them he even acts out for you, which is always fun to see! Everything about the day was nothing short of comfortable and professional. I can’t thank Mighty Aphrodite enough for their kind words and approach, but also for the incredible shots we got out of it – my husband couldn’t be happier with the end result… and he keeps trying to suggest another trip to Reading.”

A big thank you to Mrs P for sharing her story and some of her beautiful images. If you want to do a shoot but are worried that you will never be brave enough, take inspiration from Mrs P – she is so glad she did the shoot and you will be too ? Email Zena with any concerns or questions you have or give her a call on 0118 9835154 for a chat. Or see our other Client Stories to see more reviews and pictures that our clients have shared: More Client Stories