William’s Men’s Fitness Photo Shoot

One of our very favourite photo shoots from last year has to be William’s shoot. When we can see that we have made a real difference to the way a person sees themselves it makes us very happy. This is William’s story:

“It’s strange looking back over the past couple of months and reflecting on how this exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable chain of events took place.  It started with a hesitant email to Leigh and Zena and ended with me presenting my wife with 2 albums of photographs we both love and cherish….never part of the original plan! So why the hesitant email to start with?

It’s fair to say that I’ve gone through much of the last 50 odd years liking neither myself nor my body. It didn’t help being the youngest and smallest at boarding school and the bullying which ensued. I particularly hated the communal changing rooms and showers; being a late developer didn’t help.”

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“It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started doing something about my life and that included coming to terms with the fact that I am who I am. Part of the process involved getting a bit fitter, a bit slimmer and accepting the fact that I’d never make six foot.

I suddenly realised that I quite liked what I saw in the mirror; also that with more years behind me than in front, I might like a record of me in what might be the best shape I’d ever be in. I wanted the whole me, wanted to try to finally exorcise the taunts from my schooldays over size and that meant being photographed naked… ”

Male Physique Photos“Isn’t Google remarkable!! It took me to the Mighty Aphrodite and Mighty Physique websites and I loved what I saw. The combination of artistic lighting with great composition lead me to believe that Leigh would be able to achieve what I wanted. I was impressed by the combination of art and eroticism though slightly nervous about me, a heterosexual married man finding the nude male form attractive. I guess that’s all part of years of conditioning..

Anyway, I plucked up my courage and sent that first email in late October and immediately knew that I’d chosen the right place. The whole process has been satisfying, exhilarating and confidence boosting. Everything I’d hoped for and a whole lot more.
“Several emails and phone calls later we’d agreed on a date in November. The original plan was for a digital package, and whilst I’d told my wife I was having some sporty photos taken, I hadn’t given her the full picture and wasn’t sure if I’d be sharing the results with her.”

“I arrived at the studio after a relatively easy journey; nervous and slightly shy and embarrassed at the thought of being naked in front of strangers but also strangely excited. I was immediately put at ease and the time spent chatting over a cup of coffee and discussing the shoot ahead left me feeling that I was with friends not strangers. Fitness Photo shoots“We started with some shots with me in briefs. Leigh’s studio set up with Zena running the computer and wireless technology meant that the results could be seen instantly on a monitor and seeing those early shots was a joy. We had plenty of time getting used to the whole thing before moving onto the nude shots – first facing away from the camera then turning round for more intimate poses.

Nothing seemed more natural and I couldn’t believe the feeling of confidence and satisfaction. We shot two different studios and a variety of poses, with easy to follow direction. As the website had made clear, physically quite hard work but that’s where the tension in the photos comes from.

Afterwards, back downstairs and a further chat about what to do with the results; by this stage, I was so taken with the early screen previews that I knew I’d want to share them with my wife and have them in album form. Not being sure how these would be received, I had the idea of two albums, one without anything frontal nude and a second small album showing the more erotic shots.  I left, very happy and with a disc of a couple of hundred images to edit down to two albums.”

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“The editing process itself was enjoyable and surprisingly time consuming – I ended up printing everything on cheap paper, chucking out anything I didn’t want, then dividing into two piles, albums one and two. From those I subdivided into categories and then selected my favourite of each…”

“Emails to and fro and a change to two large albums, together with some editorial input eventually lead to the great day when the albums arrived and once again I was bowled over by the artistry and skill of this amazing team. I could hardly wait for Christmas morning to present my wife with the first album – I’d thought I might give her the second on Valentines Day if she liked them and I felt it appropriate. As it was, she liked them so much, I gave her the second album on Boxing Day and that too went down superbly.”

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“What can I say but a huge thank you – for your time, patience, flexibility, friendship and for what I consider to be an outstanding set of photographs.

If someone out there is reading this and wondering whether or not to get in touch and take the plunge, all I can say is dive straight in. For me it has been a truly remarkable and liberating experience and not only do I have some great photographs (well, actually Art as far as I’m concerned) but I’m also happy being me. Thanks again to you both.”

Want to have some amazing body portraits of your own? You can find out more at Mighty Physique and Mighty Aphrodite.