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In Celebration of Mothers

We’re looking forward to spending time with our family on Sunday as it’s Mother’s Day! Being a Mum can be hard work – but it is so rewarding too! Lots of our clients are Mums – of all ages and some are also Grandmothers.

Some say they wanted to do a shoot as a boost for their confidence after spending years looking after children. It’s so easy to put everyone else’s needs before your own – Mum’s are good at that. But it is so important not to lose touch with your sexy side. Make time to treat yourself to some me-time or plan something special to help you get back your Mojo!

The wonderful Mums below found having a shoot with us was a positive experience that helped them to focus on themselves and feel great.

Ms D – Mum of 4 said: “you guys made it very easy for me. I felt really at home with you both, and of course you can use the pictures I’m really proud of them! I wish I could do this for a living it was sooooo fun!!!”

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Erotic Boudoir Shoots

Victoria said: “I’m 34, a size 14, have two kids and I am very self conscious of my body (especially stretch marks! ) I hate having my picture taken normally but I’m so glad I bit the bullet and went for it. I love my pictures!
Leigh and Zena made it feel like the most natural thing in the world and I can’t thank and praise them enough. If anyone has even the smallest desire to have a boudoir shoot then please go for it, you won’t regret it.” 

sensual boudoir shoot

Karen, Mum of 6 has had 2 shoots with us. After her second shoot she said: “The results were amazing and I couldn’t believe the images were of me and needless to say my husband loves them as well!”

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Sexy Nude Photo Shoots
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After her shoot, Erica said: “What I love about many of the shots is the sense of strength that they convey. My body is far from perfect, but Leigh made the most of my good points and made me feel fantastic. He could have edited out all my blemishes but I wanted to be real and I wanted to be me, so the editing was kept subtle.
I love my photos and will enjoy looking at them for years to come. My husband was completely blown away by the surprise and the two of us have had lots of fun while selecting which of the proofs to buy and put on the wall. If you are tempted to have a shoot, I’d say go for it. Every stage, from the anticipation, to the shoot itself, to the selection of the images and sharing the results, has been just brilliant, affirming and exciting. And it’s done amazing things for our relationship – worth every penny!”
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Artistic Nude Boudoir

Mum of 6 Sam said: “After 22 years of being a busy mum of 6 children, being devoted wife / home maker and running my own complimentary therapies business and working as a birth supporter and breastfeeding helper; I wanted to remind myself and husband that there still existed a more intimate, fun, and sexy side to myself, other than the ‘mumsie’ and professional side. My husband was gobsmacked! He was quite surprised, and didn’t think it was the kind of thing I would be comfortable doing on my own; but said the pictures were really beautiful. Go for it definitely! Zena and Leigh will make you feel more than welcome, relaxed, comfortable and confident.”
Sexy Boudoir Photos

If these gorgeous Mums have inspired you to plan your own confidence-building boudoir experience, email Zena with any questions or find out about our packages here: Boudoir Packages & Prices We hope to hear from you very soon!